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It provides no comfort nor is it now needed to prevent ears being torn apart by boar hunts or ripped into by a lion!

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Violators are subject to fines of $2,420, and in cases of extreme cruelty can be fined up to $18,160 and have their animals seized by the authorities.In 2008, a total of 88,770 purebred dogs were registered with the AKC that might have had their ears cropped.Additionally, there are all the mixed breeds that some think look "macho" with their cropped ears.Also there are those breeds, not yet accepted by the AKC, that usually have their ears cropped.It seems okay for the United States Congress to concern themselves with the plights of 200 circus elephants, (who certainly do deserve assistance), but why has the USA forgotten the plight of over 100,000 puppies, particularly since the number is certain to grow?Vets already know the policies from breed clubs and what taking a firm stand on this issue would cause.

It would bring the practice of cropping ears to a STOP.

The ASPCA tells us to "get the attention of the ear croppers and the AKC." However, the AKC ignores ear cropping by telling us to revert back to the breed club individual standards, and some breed clubs refuse to alter their standards, at least to provide options, so that cropped or upright ears are not essential. Liz Figueroa introduced a much-publicized amendment to S. On the Take Action site there is a letter you can send to legislators in your state.

You can send Governor Schwarzenegger a message at: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814, Phone: 916-445-2841, Fax: 916-558-3160

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If the AVMA says they now oppose further ear crops by licensed veterinarians, will the American Kennel Club now STOP allowing any dogs to be in any of their dog shows or exibitions if their ears have been cropped?