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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. ' ^ The old Stoical principle was contempt of all exter* naky which bad a tendency to produce contempt^ ofj Hfef l^ut Epictetufy on tibe contrary^ teaches the re9o J ' hrte and patient ^dvrance of evil "bj & dutiful subw fission to Pro Yidence.

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Epictetui alibi fervidorum isto« rum yota aut taedia commemorat : Epictetey not cor- pusculi hiifus vinculis adstringi diuiius non possumus : dbum potumque dando^ dormiendoy lassi sumus, Non* ' ne Mors mala non est f nonne cognati deorum sumusy • atque inde venimus ? Mftvroi ia the next verse serves to de* Btnfttae Iiotb the sea«e and reading in this. Solo woi, fra quanti Vivo B movtali e muevon sn la terra, Lo imainr de la YOC£ abbiam soriito* Tlie reading of mk appears to be con&riaed by the M Im Mi 4kerrfj^e [with /&tf faculty] celebrate th«fie .m Ukkjfmns and will ev^ mig power^t? Ma la, che adu Di gli atri Dembi, o Giorei £ il fulmi D tratti, ed ogni don dispensi, Gli nomin libera to da la funesta Tri8ta ignoranza, e la disperdi, o padre, Da r alme, o loro di trovar concedi Qael consiglio, in cui tu fidando, reggi Con ginstizia ogni cosa ; onde onorati Fia che a vicenda ti rendiamo onore, L' opere tne sempre iandando, come A chi mortale sia far si conviene; Che a gli nomini, e a gli Dei veran piii grande Onore altro non v' ha, che giustamente L* ordin sempre laudar de V Universo.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. What force, what life, what strength, and shortness o C expression ! what dig- nity and authority of reason, and common sense ! Euripides llerculem loqni consimiliter facit : Mil ^ilktctf o^Atf 7%tf', tx^d TTun (puo^* Ta»f 9Vf Afo^xtq ya^ otk ^^ vfirctruif Consideravi eg Oy malis etsi obrutus^ Nequis titnorem^ vita abire^ cense at : Nam qui malis subsistere haudquaquamest potisy Nee ille contra tela sub sis tat viri. Immergis in te ferrum, aut Te Den QOi : et id quod alleri factum borrcas; in te prompte usurpas. This Yerse skoold be separated fron Um following not bj a colon, bat a comma. But Tboa, what Vice disorders, canst compose ; And profit by the Malice of thy Foes ; So blending Good with £vil, Fair w Hh Fonl, As thence to model one harmonious whole : One universal Law of Truth and Hight.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/| THE CHJttl STIANITY OP STOICISM: OR, SELECTIONS FROM ARRIANS DISCOURSES OF EPICTETUS. CARTER^ WITH HER Nq STCS: TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED Tke Contents of the Enchiridion ; Chronological and Al- phabetical Tables of ancient Philosophers, and a Vindication of the Stoic Philosophy from some common misrepresentations of its principles. and what an excellent reproof and lesson has the honest, plain old man given to me, (thank you' a thousand times for transmitting it.) Whenever I am seized with an impertinent, untimely fit of reformation, or with a splenetic dissatisfaction either with the company, or tedious lowliness, methinks I hear his voice sounding in my ears* — ^^ But you are wretched and discon- tented; be pleased, and make the best of every thing. I Extract from Moatesqaien's Spirit of Laws' •» i Advertisement ••••••....••• ;r Extract from Mijis Talbot's Letters • • • • Tiii Contents of the Enchiridion ....:.«• , . Utapud Curtiam pulcbre: Fortium virorum est^ ^s mortem contemner e^ quam odisse vitam. Varro ad hos talcs : Qaainnum te dicam esscferam^ Qui manu torpor is fervidos Aperis lacus sanguinis^ Atque vita te levas Ferreo ense f Adde injuslitiam. 13* iuym\»i(f Mt^ ri fmt^^ So Brunck] Yidgo ^ayihuf f Mi^wh ftuffff^ 188 Ten 19. 'Qq imm* y ty t M j f' i *^ Being thus so mighty a sovereign over (ht msiverse^ Ov^t n ytynrut — Nothing h^fypeoft opoo eirtl without Thee, O God — Qt A n b as ot A rif ortwi^mikik the particle ^ having not a copolative, but an utenaf^ ligiiification ; nor is there an j hiatas, as Brdnck saf* posed. A2m ov km rd vt^i^vm iwiffracm m^tmi Sinnm*] This verse was first published from MS. But wretched Mortals shun the heayenly Xight; And, tho' to Bliss directing still their choice, Hear not, or heed not Reason's sacred Yoic Ci That common Guide orduin M to point the Road That leads obedient Man to solid good.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. It seems as if they regarded that sacred spirit, which they believed to dwell within them, as a kind of favourable providence watchful over the human race.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Born for society, they all believed that it was their destiny to labour for it; with so much the less fatigue, as their reis:ards were allwilhin themselves.* Happy by * Highly na Montesquieu estimated the philosophy of the Stoics, he has not done them justice, in stating i Ill their pkihsophy alone^ it seemed as if only the happiness of others could in« crease theirs.'Tis a time of festivity when our bu- siness is to delight and do good to one another. Quis coim aescit, impettt hoc sa;pius et furore quodam, et fervida impatientia, quam consilio aut deliberato fieri? Another reading has occurred to me, which I bave ventured to introduce into the text, as a slighter altefatio D of the text : ^vat»( ret uwarr* t^tyt-^if^tyt in the preterite form, as in the common text, and without iba elision of r» before tm mm»rr*j like ra out^^a in v. The Clouds of Vice and Folly, O controul ; And shed the Beams of Wisdom on the Soul ! INNO DI CLEANTE TRADOTTO UA GIROLAMO POMPEL O glorioso fra gli eterni, in guise Molte nomato, omnipossente ogoora, Ttt che, tutto COD legge governa Ddo^ De la natora sei principio e duce^ Salve, o Giove ; pero che g U uomin tatti Dritto i ben, che a te volgan le parole ; Che siam tua stirpe, e solo noi, fra quanti Yivon mortali e muovon sa la terra, ho imitar de la roce abbiam sortilo.

What an idea, and how does it brighten up Londbn to me ! Quincti Uanns at* testa bit ur: Nonfiunt ista^ nisi subito : nfc quisquam (prcsseriim nulla gravi prcecedente causaj spiritum rationc deposuit. nee ipse Zeno dil Htcbitur, Mortem esse inter ca quae ilia rejicit et adversatur, Est, inquam, ita Indiffe* rensj ut tamcn inter Jpoproegmena sive Rqjectanea wt. Those radiant Beams, by whose all- piercing Flame, Tby J ustice rules th is universal Frame, 194 That honoured with a Portion of tbj Light, We may essay thy Goodness to requite With honorary Songs aud grateful lays, And hymn thy glorious Works with ceasetesi Praise, The proper Task of Man ; and, sure, to sing Of Nature's Law's, and Nature's mighty Kingt Is Bliss supreme ; let Gods with Mortals join ! Qnindi con inni io loderotti, e sempre Canterd taa possanza.

I will no longer call it— I dare no longer sigh to my- self in secret, that it is a tumult, a chaos, a confusion,, vanity and vexation of spirit; but I begin to feel my- self grow sociable and tolerating." — (Penniugton*i Memoii^s of the Life of Mrs. Ne sit mala, tamcn habet roali speciem : et sui euique amor est, et conservandi se permanendiquc in* sita voluntas., atque aspernatio dissolutionis. Cur tantaoi momeoti in aliis illis Jndifferentibus ponis, ut ad hoc tarn triste decurras ? m^if^v] So Brunck Vul^o ti«h Vttr* ]rl« f07i V( ra avarr* s^tyt J Vulgo vavr* tf^tyacity a verb phiral after a neuter noun. Obbediente A te rendesi gid, dovnnqae il traggi, Qnesto ciel tutto, che al sool gira intorno^ £ Yolentieri governar si lascia Da la tua forza : tal ministro, aguzzo D* ambo le parti, ardente, e sempre viyp 11 fuimia hai ne V iayiocibil mano ; » Perd cite (utte inorridiscon so Uo Dc' colpi suoi Ic cose di natura, \i una favelia, cbe da ognun s' inlende, I'll con ess D indirizzi, cd esso scorre Pur fra le cose (utlc, a grand! Un (anto e Eommo Sendo tu regnator per ogni loco, NA in terra, o Numc, senza le, n^ sopra De r etereo divin polo, nd in marc Opra fassi veruna, eccclto quanta l)i propria insania lor fanno i ntalragi.

Augastinus belle Tobii hie insultat : Qucs mahy Sioiciy inquit, miror quafronie mala non esse contendant / quibus fatentur^ H iania fuertntf ut Sapiens ea vel non possit^ vel non debeai susiinerej cogi eum mortem sibi inferre^ atque ex hac vita emigrare, Misera Beatitudo,' quas desinere et cxtiogui ob Indifferens aliquod debeat! Ahtut "ZMt^cmn, m( imp ai^aro XK NOMIZEI, eo»opi|tfi- aheim edited ya^ khh rwri. IT/, audb^ore hiniy the editor of Daoiel secoadum Sep- l»M^. Man alone possesses the faculty of kiticidftle speech* Viidgo jxovwf .* And so it ift trai^sla* bei by i Hiport, West, Bougainvi He. Ma tu comporrc cid ben anclie sai Che Iroppo eccede, e cio die d' ornameoto £ privo, adoni D rendi, « torni em Jco Ctoclieaiuiconon i; die in tal concerto Tutle unisli a le ree cose le buoue ; Onde di tulle un ordine si forma, Che Ecmpre dura, e cbe lascisn, fuggendo, Quanli sono malragi in Tra mortali. cbe pur aemprc destosi D' acquislar beni, la comun di Dio Legge n^ ascollan ni guardano, a coi Rispondendo con senno, aver feli'ce Potrebber vita : ma, scevri dal bello," Curron ess L chi ad un chi ad altro o^etto, Quai per la gloria da un ardor porta:!!

It was this Sect alone that made citi- 2^ens; this alone that made great men;, this alone, great emperors.

5 « EXTRACT FROM MONTESQUIEU'S SPIRIT OP LAWS, Book XXl V. It carried to excess only those things in which there is true* greatness, the con-« tempt of pleasure and of pain.

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