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Leach Overmile: Don't reach for your handkerchief, Brett.

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By that time, a total of 31 official certificates had been awarded to films that applied the Dogma rules. :: Jeff Butler: No, it's not that...:: Leach Overmile: We've had a lot of experience, Captain. The Army's been killing them for years.:: Jeff Butler: The Army doesn't kill Indians for fun, Campeau. Mollie Monahan: Did you never know that flirting gets into a woman's blood like fighting gets into a man's? Who will survive the effort to push the railroad through at any cost? Jeff Butler: I don't believe I'll need bodyguards.:: General Casement: You'll need 'em, alright.:: Fiesta: You think we no good, eh? Leach Overmile: Now you boys has got your options of getting out in 30 seconds or being buried in 30 minutes. But you're in love with Mollie and don't you ever forget she's my wife.:: Jeff Butler: I might. Monahan: There's nothing like hearing an engine whistle in the still night. Just use your sleeve if you want to wipe your mouth.Seven vignettes involving the people we've seen are told.

In the first segment, a young woman is annoyed to find a stranger has invaded the apartment she shares with another girl; he has brought with him a dog, which he says he will leave behind with the women, as it's his intention to commit suicide by setting himself on fire; he carries a petrol can.

Next, in a series of long scenes, we see these people going about separate lives which occasionally intersect.

The film ends with a repeat of the opening sequence - which by now has an altogether different set of meanings and resonances.

Although Meyer's female characters are always hyper-sexualized they never fall into typical stereotypes of weakness and reliance on men.

The women in this film never do anything unwillingly and always hold the upper hand despite the best efforts of society to keep them down.

Lucas: The world is full of evil but if we hold on to each other, it goes away.