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A forum that introduces guys in the cardiff and south wales area into dating and seduction, including PUA and uderstanding different openers, closing and different ways to communicate with women without awkward silences.

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Brian Clough anecdote by Ben Robinson, chairman of Burton Albion: When [Clough’s son] Nigel took the player-manager job in October 1998, Brian Clough became a regular visitor to the club.MANILA, June 15 – Filipino audiences have found a new screen idol in child actor Jaden Smith as his movie, Columbia Pictures’ “The Karate Kid” becomes the week’s undisputed box-office champion, grossing a smash P59.67-million in four days (June 11 to 14), and opening at No. Also starring the legendary Jackie Chan, “The Karate Kid” easily surpassed the openings of the Asian superstar’s past blockbusters, including “Rush Hour,” “Shanghai Knights,” “Shanghai Noon” and “Forbidden Kingdom.”A remake of the 1984 film starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, “Karate Kid” bested “The A-Team,” itself a re-imagining of the popular ‘90s TV series.The latter grossed P13.31-million from June 10 to 13 (four days), while “Karate” earned P44.42-million from June 11 to 13 (three days).* More Anti-neediness stuff and What Mindsets to get over It.* What to say when offered Alcohol to succeed (surprisingly Andy and myself had the same answer!He bought a vice president’s ticket and attended virtually every home match and he also attended some away matches.

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The forum has numerous discussion topics ranging from Vin’s blog to Vin Di Carlo’s Escalation Ladder, and has nearly 2,200 members.

A forum for a subsection of the seduction community that prefer to call themselves “Don Juans” or “DJs”, after the legendary seducers.

About the Site: The Seduction List is the largest directory of pickup related sites, blogs, and links on the internet.