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They immediately replied “So, Here’s the Thing” because that’s what I say ALL THE TIME.” Moncey says he will talk about “the insanity that’s going on in the world and the mundane of every day.” He was among 10 talk show hopefuls selected by the Dave Glover show to compete after submitting a two-minute audio entry.The contestants then faced off in a head-to-head battle with the participants receiving the most online votes advancing to the next round. Louis surgical instrument technician (16%); Randy Johnston, founder of Lighthouse Architects, Inc. Louis (32%); and Moncey, a creative project manager specializing in videos (52%).

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So far this year, my losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.Cancellations, avoidance and decisions to just not buy across the whole format, no matter what the content, have led to this rude awakening.I’m not looking for Limbaugh to send me a check (although that would be nice), but I do think we have to let it be known that his actions have been devastating to our survival.When you listen to my show, you’ll hear the things you and your friends talk about.Pop culture, politics and those questions about life you ponder are all fair game – only funnier.” Connell moved from WINK, Fort Myers to WHAS in 2010 to host the mid-morning show.Formerly Birmingham-based sports talk host Paul Finebaum recently announced a deal with ESPN that would give him a syndicated sports talk show plus other opportunities with the sports media giant.

He exited Cumulus Media’s sports talk WJOX, Birmingham in January of 2013 after working out his contract and to explore other options.

Mark & Dave Exit News/Talk KEX, Portland; Michael Castner Takes Over PM Drive.

Mark Mason and Dave Anderson leave Clear Channel’s Portland news/talk station KEX and Michael Castner, who’d been with the Wall Street Journal Radio Network for the past several years hosting the discontinued “The Daily Wrap” program, is now hosting the pm to pm show.

Cumulus Media to Flip FM Side of News/Talk WAPI, Birmingham to Sports in Deal with ESPN for Paul Finebaum.

That’s the report from although confirmation from Cumulus Media and ESPN has not been received.

By Doug Stephan Stephan Multi Meda FRAMINGHAM, Mass.