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Who is olga kurylenko dating

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Oblivion, the latest American big budget visual feast of a movie, would be great if it were made 100 years ago or if every living soul had their memories wiped like its protagonist, Jack Harper, played by Tom Cruise.The film may be hailed as the second coming by young fans, but only because they won't be able to recognize...

Olga Kurylenko loves the constant progression of sci-fi films.She once told Flaunt magazine: “[Being from a working class family in the Ukraine] helps me to keep my feet on the ground, and there’s no danger of ever taking them off the ground. I know what real life is, and I’m not going to believe in the not real. If I have to play the game, I play the game, but I’m never confused.” That sounds like something a future ex-wife of Tom Cruise would say, don’t you think? However, their marital life did not sustain more than a year. (Pacific Coast News | Getty Images)Oblivion Directed by Joseph Kosinski Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough Cruise goes post-apocalyptic as a maintenance man on what's left of Earth after a nuclear war with aliens, called "Scavs." His world is upended when a crash landing recalls his past and he's soon questioning everything he's ever known.She has no any children from any of her marriages or from affairs.

Prior to her marriages, there is no any record of her love affairs with any men. The two were in relationship when she met him during her photo shoot.

Olga Kurylenko is a popular French actress and a model who is known for her roles in the movies, Quantum of Solace; a James Bond Movie, movie adaptation of video game Hitman, etc. Her parents were divorced when she was three and was raised by her mother. She was married twice and both her marriages were unsuccessful, divorced in couple of years of marital life.

Her modelling career started when she was discovered at the age of 13 and later moved to Paris to pursue her career in acting.

So what do you think of a Tom Cruise/Olga Kurylenko hook up?

The Hollywood actress - who stars as a mysterious thief in the new crime thriller - has revealed her latest on-screen role has allowed her to realise her ambition of being a "strong…While any director who chooses to end a film on his own smiling face clearly needs reining in, Russell Crowe’s directorial debut is a well-mounted and surprisingly assured piece of historical drama.

Last time I checked Olga and Danny had been dating for awhile. Just watch a movie made recently – any movie – and I’m sure he’s in it. I’ve got a major crush on him so I’d be disappointed if Olga was thinking of jumping ship for Tommy.