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Who is jose ron dating

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The boys enjoyed the thrilling adventure up in the sky and the photos are proof of that.Ron who was supposted to star in the telenovela "Madre Sustituta" found out late last year that the project had been canceled.

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Some of his celebrity idols include Eiza Gonzalez, Paulina Rubio and Amanda Bynes.they did not accept the story." The drama centered on a couple that desperately tries to conceive a child and resort to a surrogate mother that ends up being involved with the family after she delivers the baby.Apparently this was too provocative for Televisa viewers who are accustomed to watching telenovelas that are more superficial where the poor girl ends up with the rich heartthrob or finds out she is an heir to millions of pesos from an estranged father.Cyn wrote, “When the vibes are good, the times are fun @Joe Budden.” Basically, the internet is dying.There are two camps, people who think Cyn can do much better than Joe and people who think Joe is the man for snagging a beauty like sometimes comedian, sometimes rapper Cyn. Are they going to appear on Love & Hip Hop together?No word yet from any of their exes: Erica Mena, Kaylin Garcia, or Tahiry Jose.

In this moment from Couples Therapy, Kaylin opened up about Joe being in love with both her and Tahiry.

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José Ron and Ariadne Díaz are no longer a couple and have ended their relationship.

Ron and Diaz have not talked about the separation, but "Formula Espectacular" reporters confirm the break-up as they maintain a close relationship with both parties.

The news comes right when Ariadne released some steamy pictures for H Magazine in Mexico.

(Italian Girl Comes to Wed) takes viewers to Italy in one of this year’s most romantic love stories about a beautiful and heroic Italian girl who accepts a marriage proposal far from her native land in order to save her dying sister, knowing that this decision will change her life forever.