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One day, Jae-Wan killed the leader of the group by accident and he passed out. A man, Lee Joong-Goo (Lee Deok-Hwa), tells Cha Jae-Wan that his father, Ah Sung-Won, abandoned him and his mother. And also the hilarious Manager Jang is also lovable he and his hilarious dialogues were ice breaker to the intense and heavy atmosphere of HK. But i want wookie character to be less serious if that Jae-Wan vows to take revenge on his father for his deceased mother. and of course the main lead Lee Dong Wook is great actor. He is one of those few korean actors who can put the right emotions to the characters their playing. No need for him to exaggerate his acting for u to feel his pain and suffering. Da Hae and Wookie really have an amazing chemistry. and to end my post i think all 32 episodes of HK were all worth it to watch.

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Also what was up with the last part of the last episode when hyungwoo said I will make this hotel a heaven then it did the music it always plays when something dramatic is happening or about to happen. @series girl I agree with you...i am in middle of this drama and after a long time i watch drama without forwarding. What upsets & shames me the most is how silly,sappy & cliché dramas like The Heirs gained more ratings. Just bco Lee Min Ho is the current hot young superstar around. Only the difference is, Baker King was centered around making breads & this drama centers around hotel chain business. What upsets & shames me the most is how silly, sappy, cliche dramas like The Heirs can gained more ratings. Just bcoz the actor Lee Min Ho is the current hot young superstar around. Now she is going to have to live with her plastic surgery mistake…I dearly hope she doesn't do anymore and just age gracefully. They have a good chemistry in screen, also with their previous team up in My Girl. He showed so much of the pain of Jae Wan in his body language and especially through his eyes.and Da Hae is one of my fave actress bcoz of her natural acting skills and her versatility in pulling off roles in different genres. Ah Mo-Ne and Cha Jae-Wan have a surprisingly realistic and cute relationship, Donghae is the best couple ever. some episodes boring because the plot is same, but very make me curious about the ending. we know if LDH is good actrees but seems like she is not do her best for this drama.Also, Lee Deok-Hwa and Kim Hae-Sook made me hate them and love them throughout the story with their incredible performances. unfortunately the ending is too short...happy ending is just 5 minutes.... at first i don't want to watch this drama because i really didn't like LDW. : D no wonder if Lee dong wook is great actor, mix with great plot makes this drama is very recommend to watch. I super duper love this drama and i actually watched it for the 4th time already! I stayed with and loved these characters though the writer frustrated me repeatedly. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae has 10000000% chemistry! If that is true, then I'm the happiest person in the world. I watched the drama repeatedly completely 3 times now and can't stop loving it. The beloved lead actors are wonderful with a strong supporting you watch this drama you will experience a roller coaster of emotions. the expression and the feelings seem so naturally and great performed by the main character especially lee dong wook he's acting is pretty awesome. and one more thing you and lee dae hae has a good chemistry. he needs to be a knight in shining armor for Mo Ne. Its really heart warming seeing jae wan still love his father despite the fact that he doesnt receive any kind of love from him. I watch the full series in 3D2N from 1st to the 32nd episode,it was an EPIC story, Kim Hae-Sook is such a great actress, LDW/LDH also., I just expecting to see what happened to all the remaining characters at 32nd episode.

sadness,happiness, annoyance, revenge, betrayal, romance.has everyhing in it. only lee dong wook and lee da hae can pull off a natural and great chemistry. All the time I've been watching it from the first moment till the last I was already in the drama feeling everything with them I loved this drama more than any drama I ever watched i also agree that this drama is really good. i can really say that its really worth watching the whole episode. I will miss this show badly so that I'll play and play it again.

but after watching this...wowwww i am now one of his fans. Hope there's another drama that will star Lee Dong Wook and lee Da Hae. :) Words are not enough for me to describe how i amazed I am by lee dong wook's acting capability. He should win a lot of award in this drama esp the best actor award because what he did is not that easy and his expression on every situation is just so perfect!

Overall it's great and must watch drama This drama is one of the best! LDW and LDH give justice to their perspective roles and i do love their chemistry on and off screen :) Looking forward for more LDW upcoming projects :) Saranghae oppa! This movie really is captivating, I couldn't even get distracted, I wanted to be distracted bt I couldn't because the drama was very real nd bam.

With this drama I've discovered such amazing actor as Lee Dong Wook. I wish LDW more strong and versatile characters as Jaewan/Hyongwoo. This drama deserves even more and not only because of LDW's super acting. Honestly speaking(writing), cha jae wan is the most miserable person i've ever known in this world (ehm kdramaland :p)..

But still, Asian people like sweet boys and idols and they will watch the dramas with those idols nevertheless it is good, crap or mediocre drama. And leedongwook must be really working hard to control his emotion because being cha jae wan is not easy at all.

Now, Cha Jae-Wan works as the general manager for HOTEL CIEL. One day, Cha Jae-Wan tells Ah Sung-Won that he is his father and he should reveal that publicly. After his death, his only child, Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da-Hae) appears at HOTEL CIEL. Mo Ne character i already expected it to be annoying , from the first episode they already describe her as a spoiled brat, and doesnt know how to do a thing. The first time i watch it i got so hooked that i Still want more and i cant believe i already finished the 32 Amazing cast, epic storyline (yes i love drama with a lot of twist, one That will make ur heart wrench, make u frustrated and annoy and i love the All the songs they used in this drama!