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White city looking for sex

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Offense(s): Sexual Assault - Child MERLENE, DAVID White Male DOB Address: 2138 Robin Rd. Sexual Assault - Child NASH III, DALLAS White Male DOB Address: 1301 Pelham Ln.

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Offense(s): Sexual Assault - Child STAFFORD, RICHARD White Male DOB Address: 1249 Denise Ct.Offense(s): Aggravated Sexual Assault - Child FRETTINGER, TAYLOR R White Male DOB Address: 324 E. Offense(s): Sexual Assault - Child GARZA, DAVID G White Male DOB Address: Homeless Offense(s): Indecency with Child – Sexual Contact GRIMES, ROY D White Male DOB Address: 1156 E.SH 121 BUS Offense(s): Indecency with Child – Contact (2 counts) HOUSTON, BRYANT K Black Male DOB Address: 629 Hardy St..If their name is not highlighted in blue, it means that they are new to the sex offender registration system or have moved to Texas from out-of-state and they have not been entered into Texas DPS as of yet.At any time, you may go directly to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration website to locate offenders.Individuals currently registered with the Lewisville Police Department are as follows: ACEVEDO, DAVID White Male DOB Address: 244 Centennial Dr.

Offense(s): Aggravated Sexual Assault - Child BEVEL, MOSES C Black Male DOB Address: 850 Salem Trl.

SH 121 BUS Offense(s): Indecency with Child - Exposes CRABTREE, JOHN P JR White Male DOB Address: 326 Herod St.

Offense(s): Indecency with Child - Contact DO, HOANG HUY Asian Male DOB Address: 1327 Bobing Dr.

There you have the option of searching by name, address, county, school, and zip code.

Additionally, there is a link from their site to the National registry.

Offense(s): Sexual Assault BURNSIDE, MICHAEL White Male DOB Address: 1918 Sunset Path Offense(s): Sexual Assault CALDERON, NICHOLAS E White Male DOB Address: 1032 Elmwood Dr.