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Victor c dating arizona

"You know we're having a difficult time financially." "But I thought the council had special funds set aside for stuff like this." "Now, Victor, we do have some money available for the proper return of tribal members' bodies. But we can really only afford to give you one hundred dollars." "That's not even enough for a plane ticket." "Well, you might consider driving down to Phoenix." "I don't have a car.But I don't think we have enough to bring your father all the way back from Phoenix." "Well," Victor said. Besides, I was going to drive my father's pickup back up here." "Now, Victor," the council said.

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Ever since Victor could remember, it was Thomas who always had something to say Once, when they were seven years old, when Victor's father still lived with the family, Thomas closed his eyes and told Victor this story: "Your father's heart is weak. Now Victor stood in the Trading Post with a one-hundred-dollar check in his hand, wondering if Thomas knew that Victor's father was dead, if he knew what was going to happen next Just then Thomas looked at Victor, smiled, and walked over to him "Victor, I'm sorry about your father," Thomas said "How did you know about it? Nobody talked to Thomas because he told the same damn stories over and over again.

Victor was embarassed, but he thought that Thomas might be able to help him.

Just after Victor lost his job at the BIA, he also found out that his father had died of a heart attack in Phoenix, Arizona.

Victor hadn't seen his father in a few years, only talked to him on the telephone once or twice, but there still was a genetic pain, which was soon to be pain as real and immediate as a broken bone Victor didn't have any money.

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