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Updating kernal

updating kernal-12

This situation is more complicated when you are running virtual machines on top of your server.Imagine if the host server need to reboot because the kernel must be patch.

updating kernal-49updating kernal-5

Your customers may be angry if their business application is down for something that they don’t care about it.[j1l1y0zg] Incorrect permission checks on networking sysctls.[jjq12vek] NULL pointer dereference in MMC card removal. [nkeohosj] Use-after-free in btrfs reference handling. [yt3wi9st] NULL pointer dereference in bcache write requests.Before we try Ksplice into our production server, let’s try it on desktop machine to see how it works.The first step is you need to download Ksplice for your distribution.[gf0b12o7] NULL pointer dereference in bridge link handling.

[evsg76kv] NULL pointer dereference in bridge port removal.

In this article, we are using Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) (Reading database ... Errors were encountered while processing: ksplice-uptrack to solved the dependencies problem. You must agree to the Ksplice Uptrack terms of service to install Ksplice.

172559 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking ksplice-uptrack (from ksplice-uptrack.deb) ... Before running Ksplice, let we see the kernel version before update.

[iu8hccoe] CVE-2013-4387: Memory corruption in IPv6 UDP fragmentation offload.

[4v9jcdr0] Predictable sequence numbers in network packets.

[x05l09af] Kernel crash in 88pm860x audio codec driver.