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But recently, a new wave of decompilers has forayed onto the market: Procyon, CFR, JD, Fernflower, Krakatau, Candle.

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EDIT: Here's another article, specifically focussed on extracting JARs: This will extract the jar to the present directory/folder.Follow this link for a full explanation of the capabilities of the jar tool and all available command line switches.Create classic North African dishes with cookware and spices like a Staub tagine, a Marrakech Accessories majmar, or a handwoven bread basket—plus a tin of ras el hanout spice mix from Bombay Spice Co.Find bright metallic home accents like a pair of brass Georg Jensen candleholders, a LEFF Amsterdam Bluetooth tube speaker, or brass Ferm Living salad servers—plus a vintage Mid-Century hinged wall lamp.I wish to edit some of the source code for the entire JAR file, and combine it again become a new JAR file which can work properly.

I have successful to edit the source code in class file, how can i combine it again?? copy all the source code in class file to a java file?

extract my to it's current directory you would navigate to the directory it's contained in and use: Since jar files are essentialy files, you could also use a zip tool like Winzip or Winrar to view the jar file as well as extract it.

This could be easier than using the jar tool itself as these tools have gui's.

Has its own visual interface and plugins to Eclipse and Intelli J . Very promising analytical Java decompiler, now becomes an integral part of Intelli J 14.

( Brains/intellij-community/tree/master/plugins/java-decompiler) Supports Java up to version 6 (Annotations, generics, enums) given here only for historical reason.

CFR is able to decompile modern Java features - Java 8 lambdas (pre and post Java beta 103 changes), Java 7 String switches etc, but is written entirely in Java 6.