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The video has since been deleted, as has Dorsey’s entire Twitter account.

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The person, who asked to remain anonymous, said he watches every Gophers game and that he has seen Dorsey up close at AAU events, as well.Marriage is thus grounded in the primeval relationship of the sexes in order to perpetuate the species and enhance personal growth.Marriage is seen as a blessing because it enables us to overcome loneliness. Soloveitchik, Genesis reads “he-yot” ha-adam le’vado rather than “li-he’yot,” which implies not that “it is not good for man to be alone,” but that it is not good for man to be “lonely.” Being “alone” means being physically alone, wanting company, needing assistance; being “lonely” means spiritual solitude, as one can feel lonely even in a crowd.“When you suspend three guys, that’s the talk of everything,” he said.Pitino added that he anticipates the three will play in Wednesday’s home finale vs. Later Monday, however, Werle said no decision had been made regarding their status.Chatter about the video had exploded on, a longtime U sports fan website, two days earlier.

Several users who claimed to have seen the video offered many details, said Nadine Babu, co-owner of the website.

Mason and Mc Brayer were not identified in the video.

The suspensions are the latest in a string of player-related troubles since Pitino took over in April 2013.

The moment we are born we are destined for marriage.

When a newborn child is named, the prayer is le’huppah u’le’maasim tovim (to the marriage canopy and a life of good deeds).

Reprinted from The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage by permission of Jonathan David Publishers.