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Kuffert Name: Martin, Andrea Date Completed: May 2014 Thesis Title: Information Oversight: Archives and Recordkeeping Practices in Manitoba Municipalities Advisor: T.Nesmith Name: Martin, Jacquilyne Date Completed: February 1992 Thesis Title: The Letters of Nicholas Mysticos and Church-State Relations in his Second Patriaichate 912-925 Advisor: John Wortley Name: Martynowych, Orest Date Completed: 1978 Thesis Title: Village Radicals & Peasant Immigrants: The Social Roots of Factionalism Among Ukrainian Immigrants in Canada, 1896-1918 Advisor: O.

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Finlay Name: Pitcher, Heather Date Completed: August 2005 Thesis Title: Archives in the Classroom: Reaching Out to Younger Canadians Through Archival Documents Advisor: T. Date Completed: May 1978 Thesis Title: Country town: the history of Minnedosa, Manitoba, 1879-1922 Advisor: G. Friesen Name: Powell, Rebekah Date Completed: October 1997 Thesis Title: Culture, Capital and the State: Select Committee on Licensing and Regulating Theatres and Places of Public Entertainment Advisor: Peter Bailey Name: Prescott, Emma Date Completed: January 2015 Thesis Title: Acute condition?Allen and documenting travel, 1927-1979 Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Sallis, Josephine Date Completed: July 2013 Thesis Title: Reading Behind the Lines: Archiving the Canadian News Media Record Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Sander, Leah Date Completed: July 2004 Thesis Title: Collecting Our Thoughts and Re-Collecting Our Stories: The Collection of Personal Records in Archival Institutions Advisor: T. Brown Name: Stewart, Charles Ian Date Completed: February 1995 Thesis Title: Taste of Ashes: America's Conscience and the European Food Crisis 1939-1940 Advisor: F. Carroll Name: Stinnett, Graham Date Completed: October 2010 Thesis Title: Rebel Collectors: Human Rights and Archives in Central America and the Human Rights Commission of El Salvador and the Resource Centre of the Americas Advisor: T. D.) Thesis Title: Indian-Trader Relations: An Ethnohistory of Western Woods Cree -Hudson's Bay Company Trader Contact in the Cumberland House-The Pas Region to 1840 Advisor: J.Cook Name: Saxberg, Kelly Date Completed: May 1989 Thesis Title: Women and Power Structure in Cuba and Nicaragua Advisor: T. Anna Name: Scott, Dwight Date Completed: May 1988 Thesis Title: The United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: its role in the arms control infrastructure Advisor: T. Vadney Name: Segal, Sharon Date Completed: October 1991 Thesis Title: American Relations with Canada, Britain and France in the formation of NATO: 1945-1955 Advisor: T. Vadney Name: Shattuck, Ciara Date Completed: August 2001 Thesis Title: Saint or Harlot? Brown Name: Shumilak, Anna Date Completed: May 2012 Thesis Title: Diplomatic Records, Archival Description, and the Canadian Department of External Affairs in the 1920’s Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Simmons, Deidre Ann Date Completed: October 1994 (Archives) Thesis Title: Custodians of a Great Inheritance': An Account of the Making of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives 1920-1974 Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Simonson, Karen Date Completed: October 2006 Thesis Title: Becoming Digital: The Challenges of Archiving Digital Photographs Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Sinclair, Joan Marguerite Date Completed: October 2012 Thesis Title: The Interactive Archives: Social Media and Outreach Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Singer, Lisa Date Completed: October 1997 Thesis Title: The Value of Community-Based Ethnic Archives: A Resource in Development Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Slessor-Cobb, Danna Date Completed: October 2015 Thesis Title: Archival Foote-steps: The Lewis B. Brown Name: Stansfield, Christian Date Completed: 2001 Thesis Title: Turnkey to Case Manager: The Professionalization of the Correctional Officer, Headingley Correctional Institution, Manitoba, 1930-1996 Advisor: De Lloyd Guth (Faculty of Law) Name: Staples, Clinton Date Completed: May, 1994 Thesis Title: The Military Policy of Leo III and Constantine V and Its Effect on Arab-Byzantine Warfare on the Taurus Border, 715-775 A. Advisor: John Wortley Name: Stardom, Eleanor Date Completed: October 1987 Thesis Title: Adapting to Altered Circumstances: Trade Commissioner Joseph Wrigley and the Hudson's Bay Company 1884-1891 Advisor: J. Rea Name: Stephen, Scott Date Completed: October 1997 Thesis Title: A Puzzle Revisited: Historiographic and Documentary Problems in the Journals of Anthony Henday Advisor: J. Nesmith Name: Stoesz, Dennis Date Completed: October 1987 Thesis Title: A History of the Chortitzer Mennonite Church from 1874 to 1914 Advisor: G. Friesen Name: Swan, Ruth Date Completed: May 1991 (UW) Thesis Title: Ethnicity and the Canadianization of Red River Politics Advisor: John Kendle Name: Taillefer, J-M. Friesen Name: Thompson, Thomas Date Completed: February 1995 Thesis Title: Manitoba Hydro, Northern Power Development, and the Land Claims Pertaining to non-Status Aborigianls in Norway House and Cross Lake Advisor: Barry Ferguson Name: Thor, Jonas Date Completed: May 1980 Thesis Title: A Religious Controversy Among Icelandic Immigrants in North America, 1874-1880 Advisor: A. Mc Killop Name: Timms, Katherine Date Completed: October 2007 Thesis Title: Arbitrary Borders?Gerus Name: Masschaele, Brian Date Completed: October 1995 Thesis Title: Memos and Minutes: Arnold Heeney, the Cabinet War Committee and the Establishment of a Canadian Cabinet Secretariat During the Second World War Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Mc Conkey, Jillian Date Completed: June 2009 Thesis Title: Native Judgments: John Bunn and the General Quarterly Court in Red River Advisor: Adele Perry Name: Mc Cullough, Sharon Date Completed: October 2000 Thesis Title: Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench in Equity, 1872-1895: A Study in Legal Administration and Records Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Mc Geachie, James Date Completed: 1977 Thesis Title: Victorian Scientific Naturalism & its Influence on the Thought of Walter Pater Advisor: J. Rea Name: Mockford, Jeanette Date Completed: July 2013 Thesis Title: From Scattering Seeds to Planting Rows: Bringing New Academic Researchers to University Archives Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Mogyorosi, Rita-Sophia Date Completed: December 2008 Thesis Title: Coming Full Circle?Finlay Name: Mc Leod, Martha Date Completed: February 2001 Thesis Title: Redrawing the Boundaries of Societal Memory: Introducing a Modified Macro-Appraisal Approach at the Great-West Life Assurance and the London Life Insurance Companies Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Mc Neil, William Date Completed: October 1991 Thesis Title: Mysticism and Radicalism in the Thought of Andreas Von Karestadt and Thomas Muntzer Advisor: Henry Heller Name: Mills, Rachel Date Completed: July 2003 Thesis Title: Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion in the context of Entrepreneurship: The Loewen Lumber businessmen of Steinbach, Manitoba, 1877-1985 Advisor: Royden Loewen Name: Milne, Brad Date Completed: May 1997 Thesis Title: The Life and Career of W. : Aboriginal Archives in British Columbia in Canadian and International Perspective Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Nelson, Heather Date Completed: July 2001 Thesis Title: Rural Roots: A History of the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company to 1943 Advisor: David Burley Name: Nerenberg, Robert Date Completed: 1976 Thesis Title: The London 'Times' and Germany, 1904-1914 Advisor: F.Date Completed: October 1989 Thesis Title: The Great Interpreter: Walter Duranty's View of the Soviet Union 1921-1949 Advisor: Daniel Stone Name: Wells, Garron F.

Date Completed: February 1982 Thesis Title: The Development of Trade Along the North West Coast of Hudson Bay, 1717-1790 Advisor: J.

Date Completed: October 1978 Thesis Title: The Myth of Female Equality in Pioneer Society: The Red River Colony as a Test Case Advisor: J. Rea Name: Le Gras, Claude Date Completed: October 2006 Thesis Title: The Shaping of a New Order in the West: The Influence of the Winnipeg Industrial Exhibitions, 1870-1915 Advisor: David Burley Name: Leochko, Crystal Date Completed: August 2009 Thesis Title: Acknowledgement or Avoidance? Burley Name: Maier, Ryan Date Completed: October 2007 Thesis Title: Folksong Research and National Identity in West Germany, 1949-1970 Advisor: B.

German-Canadian Immigrant Women's Memories of National Socialism Advisor: Alexander Freund Name: Linden, Amanda Date Completed: October 2016 Thesis Title: The Advocate’s Archive: Walter Rudnicki and the Fight for Indigenous Rights in Canada, 1955-2010 Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Lindsay, Anne Date Completed: October 2011 Thesis Title: Archives, Willard Ireland, 1963-1973, and the Expansion of Indigenous Rights in Canada Advisor: Tom Nesmith Name: Loewen, Bradley Date Completed: May 1985 Thesis Title: The British Press and Foreign Policy Attitudes, 1940-41 Advisor: M. Baader Name: Malamuth, Zipora Date Completed: November 2002 Thesis Title: The Culture of Entitlement in the Age of Enlightenment: Voltaire, a Personification of Narcissim in the Movement Advisor: H. Date Completed: May 1986 Thesis Title: Serving God and Country: Evangelical Piety and the Presbyterian Church in Manitoba, 1880-1925 Advisor: A. Mc Killop Name: Marchand, Gregory Date Completed: October 2014 Thesis Title: Quality journalism: how Montreal’s quality dailies presented the news during the First World War Advisor: L.

Go south on 8th street to 106 Avenue, turn left (east) on 106th Avenue, go east to 6th street.

Turn right (south) on 6th street, go south to 108th Avenue, turn left (east) on 108th, go east about 1/2 city block to access road to cemetery, turn right (south) and follow road into cemetery.

Date Completed: October 1981 Thesis Title: Myth, money, men and real estate : the early years of Tuxedo, Manitoba, 1903-1929 Advisor: A. Mc Killop Name: Payment, Shirley Date Completed: May 2000 Thesis Title: The Big Project: James M.