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The flip side dating roles

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Of course, partners may come to relationships from different places in their lives.

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For example, if Bob has a duty not to steal from Barbar, then Barbara has a right not to be stolen from by Bob; if Barbara has a duty to help Bob (perhaps based on a promise or other commitment), Bob has a claim on Barbara's assistance.As with obligations, an ideal relationship does not involve expectations that are not implied in the relationship itself; in other words, partners in an affectionate relationships can expect love and support, partners in a physical relationship can expect a certain amount of sexual activity, and so on.(I don't mean to imply these two are mutually exclusive, of course!When it comes to dating, there are tons of stereotypes about how guys and girls are supposed to act.And this video pretty much covers all of them – while we don’t agree that everyone acts this way, we have to say this video is pretty hysterical.Let's look at this from another angle: What about expectations in a relationship?

In a sense, expectations are the flipside of obligations; if someone has an obligation towards you, you usually have an expectation that that obligation will be fulfilled.

Check out what it would be like if girls acted like a stereotypical guy and if guys acted like a stereotypical girl.

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For instance, Bob shouldn't expect complete openness and honesty, or frequent PDA or sexual contact, if the relationship has not progressed far enough for these to become reasonable expectations.

And if the relationship has progressed far enough to generate expectations of those things, that should be based on a mutual understanding of the relationship—not necessarily spoken, but clearly understood by both persons.

If they do, that signals a problem in the relationship, because one or both partners may be taking an view in which the partners fulfill each other's needs out of love and appreciation for each other and for their relationship.