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Tea party intimidating voters

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"They are pursuing, enforcing these laws, and they said I could say that anyone within the sound of my voice, anyone in this country who feels they’re being intimidated can call their nearest FBI office because it is a federal offense to harass someone, to intimidate someone.

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We successfully campaigned against the voter ID law, we are currently suing the legislature over redistricting, and in 2006 we won the battle for early voting, he says.There is a weeping/ wailing and knashing of teeth recovery support group event. The whole city/county thing-- well it's not like I would know that anyway. Been out of town with family and purposely decided to spend the bulk of my time with my family in WVa, DC & MD. Too much trooth and reality for the leftist blogforces. If this really happened, I think there would have been more said about it.In 2008, Obama carried North Carolina by fewer than 14,000 votes, making him the first Democrat to win the state since 1976.Today, despite higher than average unemployment rates, North Carolina is poised for another close race, says Guillory. Probably will take a similar trip back north this month, but before Christmas.

The vast majority of my time was spent either with family or travelling to find and visit family members I have not seen in a while.

“It’s not as essential for Obama but by contesting in North Carolina he broadens the electoral map.” In fact, the Romney campaign is pouring resources into what political observers consider a must-win state for the Republicans.

Luther Snyder, a Republican political consultant in the state, commented in an interview with NPR, that in all the years he has covered elections he has never seen this amount of money or resources.

So I did hear from them today, and although they can’t confirm or deny any particular case because I wrote about Ohio, they did say that they had opened up 42 investigations this year, which is good to know," Sen.

Barbara Boxer (D-California) told MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Friday.

NORTH CAROLINA – North Carolina, a key battleground state in the forthcoming presidential election, is likely to continue to be in the media spotlight over the coming weeks, says a prominent professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC).