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One woman testified that she thoughtshe had no hope of her eyes because she couldn’t raise money forbuying reading glasses but since she got the glasses for reading she has begunanew life of reading the bible and she enjoys it and she said that this is allthe work of God and continuously said ‘God bless you.’ The films that are shown are inspiringand are changing the lives of many people more especially when we show thepassion of Christ, many people surrender their life’s to Christ.

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The bible challenge has awakenedthe sleeping church because many have confessed that they have been onlyreading the bible to prepare summons but this goes beyond that.

Another said I don’t just read forthe sake but I have learnt that there is need to read the bible to understand It was very interesting when oneof the winners confessed that he hadnever had 20,000/= at once even at his church but now after answering bible questions he was able to get much moremoney for knowing the word of God He said he is ready to spareenough time for reading the word of God so as to know and have more abundantblessings.

Some other pastor said this biblechallenge creates a great yawning of reading the bible because we realized thatsome questions are related so they need enough biblical understanding and comprehension The host pastor told us that hesees a lot of change in his Christians since they begun to have and read theirown bibles.

It’s very encouraging to hearvarious testimonies of what God is doing especially in Pallisa.

Every day is a very interestingday as people are very thankful of what is being done to them.

Nicholas raised two battalions of Marines and began the long, illustrious history of the United States Marine Corps. This tradition has continued every year since 1921 throughout the Corps.