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He, knowing she is leaving him as Dante had suggested she would, follows her surreptitiously, and, in the airport garage, sees her meet the robbery gang leader, whom she embraces and kisses, and who bears a resemblance to Guido.He eavesdrops on their conversation with a shotgun microphone, and learns that he was not supposed to have survived the robbery.

Sonia feels her sanity slipping away as her visions of Guido become more frequent and elaborate.Sonia (Ksenia Rappoport), a maid in a hotel in Turin, is cleaning a guest's bathroom when the guest apparently jumps out the bedroom window to her death.Later, Sonia attends a speed dating event where she meets Guido (Filippo Timi), a former policeman who now works as a security guard.Finally she is devastated when she hears that her friend and workmate, Margherita, has committed suicide by jumping out a window.At Margherita's funeral, Sonia is distraught when the officiating priest names the deceased as Sonia instead of Margherita.As they leave, the leader of the gang menaces Sonia, suggesting he is about to rape her. They struggle, and a shot is fired, but it is not clear what happened next.

Sonia is shown back at work, then visiting Guido's grave-site.

As the couple get into an elevator, Sonia sees Guido, sitting in his car, who is in the process of calling Dante.

Guido looks at Sonia, and she looks at him, unsure.

She is distracted at work, frequently seeing glimpses of Guido's face, sometimes at a double hour.

She is questioned by Dante, a policeman and former colleague of Guido, who suspects the robbery at the villa may have been an inside job.

An ex-con sanitation engineer, a speech impaired school teacher, a sex crazed speed dating addict and a scarred mama's boy are just a few of the characters that make this series called: Adventures in Speed Dating.