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Not just in regards to your own health, but choosing to continually make those selfish choices is directly, and indirectly killing other people, and damaging everybody else's health as well.And as such, that old unsustainable and unhealthy way of life have reached its end and we now owe it to ourselves and every other living human being to change course today.

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q=dementia-andairpollution-sciencemusic of the day The ghost by Mors Principium Est DSQ0I6t WVNXMn0wfn XXThe winter tree I seea kind of a rant about contemporary media production vs consumption and the human 'soul' awaits beyond my short poem, read it first, and continue by talking to each other :)You will find ghosts And shadows Living out in the plains, the open, endless fields and sparsely shadedcrevices On the sloping hills of the fertile gardens Together, they form, the muted worldsand chilling soundsof encompassing white winter light Their shapeless formtogether holds Endlessshades, of light and shadowsherein this placewhere they aremaking love, and holding handsmusic of the day Lighthouse Eternal by Netherbird VBmz Tn35EBe IVu R9Di SXThe tick and tock of living Some look up at the sky and wonder.In his twenties TS Eliot wrote The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock about just such a man.Ever since I studied it at school it's been a kind of soundtrack to my life.They do not have the time to actually pause in their life for long enough to truly take in another person´s thoughts and writing, in fact, no matter what you write, do, or produce, people just want to see shiny new things float by in their life.And by now, they will never pause to actually take in the essence of you.Glad you liked my thoughts, have a fab day over there :)You made my day! :-)I always wonder why people can't be nicer to each other.....

Smile or say Hi to a "stranger" doesn't cost us anything, but it can make somebody feel better........:-)Life in the Anthropocene 2017 and onward. Our Arctic Sunrise, Year 4.5 Billion - Pt 2Anthropocene is a word I personally like.

Some take care to write a string of words with meaning.

Some write music that tug at the string of hearts and black holes.

“Ru,” the thematically hefty centerpiece of her company’s latest program, takes cues from the novel of the same name by Kim Thúy, combining ballet with tai chi to tell a story of cultural displacement inflicted by war.

You see someone on stage, but what do you really know about them? Growing up I was painfully shy, solitary, and under the surface I probably still am.

Content from and about life that they will never ever actually look, read or listen too ( in a real way ), not to mention, feel and experience.