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Soulja boy still dating diamond

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"I'm backin' her 100 percent, and we're just focusing on the positive.

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I’m to the point now where I know that I have a brand and it’s certain things that have to be protected.Lil Scrappy has openly talked about how Diamond broke his heart, and his overprotective mother Momma Dee has also had some disparaging remarks. I feel like only one person can judge me, and that's God," Diamond told MTV News on Sunday on the BET Awards red carpet, hand-in-hand with her current boyfriend, Soulja Boy. I'm in the future right now, and I wish everybody the best." Things began to heat up last year when it was revealed that Diamond was dating Soulja Boy.It's unclear whether she cheated on Scrappy or if her relationship with the "Turn My Swag On" rapper came after, but whatever the case, Scrap feels slighted.Scrappy said he helped Diamond get her rap career on track, putting her needs before his own, and after their breakup, he felt used."When that Diamond situation happened, it just taught me a real valuable lesson, 'cause I know, as I can see, I'm not a good judge of character," Lil Scrappy said when he appeared on June 20's "Rap Fix Live." "I ain't never had my little heart broken before, but now that it happened, I don't think it would happen for a long time," he said.So salute to them, we wish them the best." What do you think of Diamond and Soulja Boy's response to "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta"?

Rapper Soulja Boy celebrated his 23rd over the weekend with long time "friend" Diamond.

The rapper agreed to a test to establish paternity after years of being hassled by his ex.

Allegations that the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper was the biological father of Diamond Shantaniece Mackey’s child have followed him for almost a decade.

Fans should expect to get a new album from the Soulja in 2014. When asked about leaving the show (or getting fired) and her feelings towards BET, she said, "It’s all love with BET and it will always be.

I support BET and they support me 100 percent with my future endeavors. It’s the TV and entertainment world and you have to prepare yourself for transitions that may come. I have grown to understand that it’s just a part of life. It can be scary or it can be exciting, and whether you like the situation or not you have to keep it moving and make the best of it." So what's next for Miss Mykie? A Diamond, go to a "real" shop and get your hair "did"..goodness... CοM~~ The largest dating site for meeting with successful wealthy guys and classy women (athletes,doctors, CEOs,models,lawyers,celebrities,etc….) Over 1700000 active members from local and worldwide.

“I guess because I’ve been doing it for so long that I feel older.