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Singer sewing machine model dating

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Learned tailoring, dress design, couture and have worked with some of the most fabulous materials Greetings Alex, Late night web surfing brought me to your page about toy Singer sewing machines. I received my Sewhandy when I was just six years old, back in the 1950's, as a Christmas gift.

In the 1950s the fourth major change took place enclosing many of the moving parts and from then on the Singer toy sewing machines looking real chunky.Take your time and ask questions to the seller if you are not sure.There is no doubt from the emails that I get that the Singer model 20 was many children's first practical experience of a sewing machine.Thanks for bringing back a very good memory, Cheers, Bree Alex, A late midnight web search brought me to your site and I was delighted to see the answers to most of my questions right away!An early baby-boomer, my husband and I are headed to Floridaa move causing us to be ruthless with purging our stuff!The Singer model 20 was made at the Elizabeth factory in New Jersey, USA, and was originally sold as a toy.

First appearing around 1910 some 60 years after Isaac Merritt Singer founded the great Singer Manufacturing Company.

Its strong construction and easy use has put thousands of women onto a path of happy sewing.

There are some nice emails below, do take a second to read them.

The model 20 was the 20th unique singer after Isaac Singers patent model No1, patented in 1851.

Early Singer toy sewing machines were clearly aimed at the child market however later Singer toy sewing machines were sold as adult light portable machines as well as toys.

The well-made cast iron toy sewing machine was durable, long lasting and has become prized among collectors world-wide, especially the different coloured models.