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Simmons daughters dating

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“I think we send out a lot of lies to young girls,” Sophie Tweed-Simmons revealed to Galore.

After moving to New York after graduation and modeling all over the world, she moved to Los Angeles where she took acting classes in hopes of becoming a Hollywood star. Today, she produces and directs movies as well as videos, including those by Tha Vill and Kele de Roc.Kimora and actor Djimon Hounsou share a son together Kenzo Lee.Gene Simmons launched into superstardom behind a full face of makeup, but his 22-year-old model daughter has ditched makeup — and Photoshop — for a sexy photo shoot.PHOTO CREDIT: Wireimage Angela and Bow Wow at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. We’ve always said it must be really hard for the kids of universal celebrities to live in their parent’s shadow, and Sophie Simmons, the daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons wants to break out of her dad’s spotlight.The line was a runaway hit and Pastry did over $15 million in 2007 sales.

Clothing and handbags were added in spring 2008, and the line has been projected to bring over $50 million in total sales by year in a limited role as Lola on the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light“. She recently bowed out from the Miss California USA competition to begin production on “Boogie Town“, a modern day hiphop West Side Story flick which takes place in a New York City of the future. Vanessa currently resides in Hollywood, CA with her sister Angela. magazine’s subsidiary publication “Angela’s Rundown“. “Angela’s Rundown” is a monthly magazine targeting youths age 14-18 and cover teen issues, style, music, and fashion while offering fashion tips and in-depth celebrity interviews.

This would be exciting on its own, but during her audition we spotted a diamond ring on her left hand!

The diamond is small and the setting looks simple—perfect for the girl who wants to remain discreet, right?

There is already so much you can do to alter your appearance, make-up, extensions, [Spanx], all the little things we think make us look attractive.

Here is my stance on it: make-up, hair and clothing and your body should be a reflection of who you are on the inside, not who you are trying to emulate.” She continued, “I have a birthmark on my face that I’m proud of and I’m a size 8, not exactly model material.

Angela and her boyfriend “TK” Terry Kennedy at his surprise birthday party in May 2008.