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Shenango china dating

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Identify age of shenango china marks Until 1936, Shenango produced only commercial china for.As the Shenango company experienced financial problems throughout its history.

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A12 would indicate December of 1920, so on & so on. Beginning in 1946 the letters doubled Example 1946 would be AA, March of 1956 would be 3KK. January of 1960 was OO, but beginning in February of 1960 the system changed yet again. Co surrounding a hemisphere logo was used 1895-1897 O. Again these are incised numbers not printed or stamped numbers.July 1919 to Dec 1919 # 1-9 incised within a diamond.In both buying & selling on Ebay I have seen that there is some confusion about their date codes & backstamps. Datecodes From May 1895 until September of 1903 simple incised numbers were used in sequential order from 1-99 with the #99 being used in July, August & September of 1903.

From October 1903 to December 1911 numbers 1-99 were used again in sequence but are enclosed within a circle. From January 1912 to June 1919 the numbers 1-90 were used again, this time enclosed within a diamond shape.

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Shenango pottery, or china, was made between 19 in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Current To view marks and more information Click here There are few utensil marks (almost none on one plate) or other signs of use. Shenango pottery, or china, was made between 19 in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Dating Shenango china involves not only an understanding of the date codes but also the maker's marks used for different brands.

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Shenango China, restaurantware, restaurant ware, antique and collectible restaurant china SHENANGO CHINA CO. Price each: $6.00 How to Identifity Age of Shenango China Marks.