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As a member of the Mountaineers, she earned personal accolades in a feisty team that had a tough reputation.“Ashley is an athletic player who can excel at multiple positions for us,” said her coach, Chad Callihan, when she signed up in 2005.

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Indeed, NXT was the group’s main producer of quality performances and logical character arcs, and such a philosophy benefited no-one more than Charlotte, who would prove to be not just one of the surprise packages in all of wrestling, but also one of WWE’s most consistent performers.Latest Charlotte News, Photos and Videos ▸ Charlotte on, your go-to source for the latest news, rumors, photos and videos on the reigning Divas Champion (and daughter of the 16-time World Champion Ric Flair) . The self-proclaimed “genetically superior athlete” continued her momentum weeks later when she retained her title against her former partner in crime, Summer Rae, in a dazzling, back-and-forth affair.On December 11, 2014 at , the extraordinary athlete accepted the challenge of Sasha Banks, her former ally in the BFFs (Beautiful Fierce Females).The California-born Diva’s actions set the stage for a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship at on February 11, 2015.At the event, Charlotte was pinned by Banks and lost the NXT Women’s Championship to her former best friend.After her match against Banks was halted due to interference from Becky Lynch, a fiery redhead from Dublin, Ireland, Bayley stormed the ring to assist Charlotte.

Visibly eying the NXT Women’s Championship, the bashful NXT Diva stunned the daughter of Ric Flair with a Belly-to-Bayley suplex.

In an amazing display of grappling and athleticism, the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year for 2014 successfully defended her title against on “The Boss” after executing a forward somersault cutter from the top rope—branded as the Natural Selection.

On the January 21, 2015 episode of , Charlotte discovered she has even more foes to contend with.

Though she may not ride limousines or fly jets, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is absolutely destined for greatness.

A former volleyball player in high school and certifiable personal trainer, Charlotte has quickly risen through the ranks of an industry her father helped revolutionize. Bikini Photos Of Charlotte | Charlotte’s Mugshot After Being Arrested | Pre-WWE Twitter Photos | More Pre-WWE Photos | Check Out More Charlotte Photos Exhibiting a level of athleticism that few women in the professional wrestling history have ever reached, the Charlotte, North Carolina native has drawn the attention of grappling fans all across the globe through her exploits on on May 29, 2014 to win an eight-Diva tournament for the vacated NXT Women’s Championship.

F4goes so far as to state that the two are “no longer married,” a fact that had not been reported on by any media outlets until the story of Latimer’s arrest, and subsequent suspension by TNA, was announced this morning.