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At Eric Leven’s request we sent photographs of all the areas of our home where the phenomenon occurred regularly with detailed descriptions.” So the wheels of deception begin to turn.

We felt an esteemed university would not want to expose themselves to liability so we thought PRS must be acting responsibly.Eric Leven asked if we could send documentation that Bill Wells lived in our home and died in an accident.We sent the news article detailing Bill’s accident and funeral along with deeds to show the list of former owners.Kelli who is a gifted psychic/medium, had established the Hypnotist Center in Merced, California in 1989.She is very accurate within her readings, very comfortable with spiritual communication, and has always embraced her gifts to be of help to others.He toured our haunted house, property, and surrounding forest.

He was actually quite frightened by the trees surrounding our home.

We received a phone call from Eric Leven of A&E AM Pacific Time on Monday, June 23, 2008.

He told us that he was making our case a top priority because it was such a compelling story (seeing a headless ghost, all kitchen appliances turning on by themselves, kitchen canister sliding across kitchen counter and falling on the floor, an evil entity in the hallway, being locked in the bathroom, being touched, scratched, bruised, squeezed until I couldn’t breath and a kindly ghost asking for help).

Below is a long testimony from a former client of the PRS team.

Kirby Robinson has brought it upon himself to expose the show and it’s staff.

He indicated they could start filming as early as July 10, 2008.