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The logos, worn by paedophiles on items of clothing including t-shirts, rings and pendants, allow them to identify each other in social situations including the workplace, effectively using them to identify like-minded individuals and covertly build a network of fellow sexual predators. Undoubtedly more logos are being used by sexual predators that we don’t know about.

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The idea of the “virtuous pedophile” struck me as a fascinating one, and I will here explore the concept and some of its potential implications.She reported, however, that the photos were not themselves pornographic.She was nonetheless concerned about his apparent attraction to children.The symbols, often as easily recognisable as the Roxy Surfer girl heart logo, are used by perverts to indicate which gender of child they are “interested in”.With the spread of the internet these images are becoming ever more prevalent online.Shouldn’t a prohibited sexual orientation similarly fail constitutional scrutiny?

A same-sex sexual orientation is obviously worlds away from a pedophilic sexual orientation.

Ordinarily, when we speak of pedophiles, we tend to refer to those people who not only feel the desire to have sexual relations with minors but who act on that desire as well.

The notion of “virtuous pedophiles” might therefore at first glance seem like an oxymoron—there is nothing “virtuous” about sexually preying on defenseless children, and the title might even appear to be trying to justify immoral and harmful conduct (as some pedophile-oriented web sites apparently do).

The clothing and jewellery are worn much more prevalently on and around 25 April.

The day is known amongst paedophiles and sexual predators as “Alice Day”, an apparent nod to and its author, Lewis Carroll.

This allows us to understand both that pedophiles cannot help and do not “choose” how they feel, just as people who are sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex or the same sex do not choose how they feel, but that—like people who are straight or gay—pedophiles can make a choice about whether or not to act on their sexual orientation.