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Quiz on dating a person

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Men naturally have their own centre of gravity when it comes to commitment friendliness. So this quiz will give you the indications of where your man is on this spectrum of commitment-friendliness.

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Even if you think it's not you, based on your answers, it certainly doesn't hurt to find out if it is. We are a better kind of quiz site, with no pop-up ads, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes. You can create a quiz for My Space, it's simple fun and free.If you want to gain confidence, download our free ebook about English phrases for dating.With romantic words, love phrases and love sayings in abundance it’s got everything you need to charm that special someone.See, there are men who are naturally more commitment-friendly and then… These types men show very different signs in everyday situations.Unless you are attuned to his thoughts and feelings, sometimes it's easy to miss those signs. If you secretly want your man to commit deeper to you, (even if he's not so commitment friendly right now) then pay attention to the detailed explanation in the email we will send to you after the quiz…Her interests include planes, languages and attention. She has a bachelor's and a master's in comparative literature from The American University of Paris and Trinity College Dublin, respectively.

Her interests include planes, languages and attention.

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Most people know what it’s like to date the wrong person.

Taking the form of a multiple choice free quiz, it’s time to put your English for dating knowledge to the test against the EF English Live quiz masters.

With questions on relationships, love and dating prepare to be challenged to the limit. But when the love of your life turns the corner, will you know what to say?

The dating game requires enough guesswork without the added complication of a language barrier.