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Pros and cons of marrying a lebanese girl

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This would apply more to those who marry into traditional families.

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If you’re not thinking about the prospect of marriage, you will still need to know if he is presently married.That isn’t to say you won’t find secular families that are very open-minded and will accept you with open arms, but these are not as common.After all, not many expat women dream of living in the kingdom, and many Saudi men know this.No matter what the man says, family in Saudi Arabia is a tribal matter.And tribal matters supersede any man’s personal wants or lust.Before you go running off with your Saudi prince charming, you need to get the full scoop on dating there and understand the foreign dynamics.

they are not always accepted by the Saudi man’s family.

Marriage is expected at a young age in Saudi society. You don’t want to get caught up in Saudi Arabia’s harsh punishment laws for adultery.

If he is in his late 20s or older, he may have a wife. If you have marriage in mind, meet his family first.

If he is reluctant to introduce you, he may be married. I’ve been approached by many married Saudi men who asked me for tips on dating western women.

Some even wanted one as a third or fourth wife (since Islam allows up to four wives).

Some Saudi brides and grooms have a hard time dealing with each others’ conservative families.