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Problem validating identity wireless connection

problem validating identity wireless connection-1

I'm having pretty much the same exact issue with production 7.0 (NBD90W) on a Nexus 5X.

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Can you provide the below requested information to better understand the issue: Steps to reproduce What steps do others need to take in order to reproduce the issue themselves? (e.g 100% of the time, 10% of the time) Expected output What do you expect to occur? Android bug report: After reproducing the issue, navigate to developer settings, ensure ‘USB debugging’ is enabled, then enable ‘Bug report shortcut’.There are unverified reports that it is possible to jailbreak older Kindles and create scripts to manually join WPA-Enterprise networks ; try at your own risk.For newer versions, follow the directions for Android, above.Windows XP does not have a built-in way to scrub saved WPA credentials - see How to remove cached user credentials that are used for PEAP authentication in Windows XP.As of December 2013, the QOOQ tablet does not support WPA2-Enterprise.Current output The Save button never un-grays, so I'm unable to save the network.

Android bug report: I will provide this tomorrow when I'm back in the impacted environment. My previous Androids could connect to the office WIFI just fine, however it says "connecting" for all of 400ms and then just displays the network in the list but not connected, and not any error message. I've deleted the connection and re-added it several times (its a non broadcasted as well). I downloaded that, but it didn't seem to solve the problem either.

To take bug report, hold the power button and select the ‘Take bug report’ option.

Note: Please upload the files to google drive and share the folder to [email protected], then share the link here.

The workaround is to manually create the network profile, setting it to use WPA2-Enterprise, then use the command line to fix the profile.

Note: There have been reports of Android devices corrupting network profiles; when this happens, the device keeps trying and failing to connect to FVCCNET.

If I try to add a new network and enter all the details, the save button stays greyed out.