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Pitfalls of internet dating

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If your partner can't stay off the site, then ask yourself why a dating site is more attractive than a real date?Note: This post was inspired by someone I knew over a year ago, who couldn't stay off dating sites even when he had a regular girlfriend.

They typically create false profiles with fake information and photos.The reality is of course that the men and women stay on the sites so that they are the happy recipients of what can amount to fan mail.Little flirtatious messages in their inboxes, invites for more dates and in some cases saucy pictures. Another pitfall is that with the whole world at your inbox, you may always wonder if you have found the 'one' or if the one is the recent face that joined the site today.However, if you have found your partner in real time, then not deleting the dating site profiles is not only a red flag, but a "Run as far and as fast as you can!" The exceptions being that if it's also a social site, there are more than a few, then there is a friend and social connection with that site.The couple may even know some of the same online friends.

One of the big problems that I didn't see you touch on was the long distance relationships.

Perhaps she or he is more suitable, shares more interests, has more chemistry? More obvious pitfalls of course include all the unsavories that find their way to your profile.

But these people are just as likely to be around in real life too so I won't dwell too much on this aspect.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse warns, your profile information could potentially be used against you in a medical, divorce, employment or custody lawsuit.

Some online dating sites don't conduct background checks on their members.

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