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The copy provides an accurate file representation if a rebuild of the file is necessary.

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This term of accrual is somewhat misnamed and would be better understood if it were termed 'allocation adjustment'.Allows for the proration of benefits in accordance with salary disbursements to be overridden so that another account bears the benefit expense. The hours scheduled to be worked in the pay period.Budget: Numeric code for a recognized function within the institution.That portion of Systems and Computing which works with on campus units on their system development and production needs. Earnings type used when paying the first 240 hours of terminal annual leave for classified staff. Annual Appointment: An appointment for twelve months (with provisions for annual leave in the case of non-classified staff).Adjustment Worksheet: Form used for one-time deductions (DS transactions), refunds (RF transactions), hour balance adjustments (HA transactions) and dollar balance adjustments (DA transactions). Appointment Entity: A transactional entity which manages the relationship between employee and position.Advice: Report to employees whose pay is direct deposited showing gross pay, reductions, deductions, contributions, net pay, selected year-to-date totals and bank account number. Terminal control for accessing on-line systems at Washington State University. Earnings type used when paying terminal annual leave hours above 240 for classified staff on separation. Allocation: The process by which Washington State University specifies where the state allocated dollars are to be expended. Appointment Forms: Personnel forms which establish, change, maintain or conclude the employee/employer relationship between an employee and WSU for the performance of specific duties at an agreed-on rate of compensation and other considerations.

Appointment Splits: When specific appointment elements are changed, the target appointment end date is set to the day prior to the action effective date, retaining the original appointment information as history.

1996 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Academic Appointment: An appointment for the nine-month period corresponding to the appropriate academic calendar. This type of appointment is not used for classified staff.

Account: Budget-project combination which defines a specific economic activity.

An accrual is a flow of dollars from an operating account, typically to a reserve account.

An accrual occurs when there is a difference between what is planned and what has actually happened. An agency which acts as an electronic transfer center.

Used by payroll to charge expenses and designate responsible unit. A former name for the Payroll Expenditure Audit Report (PEAR). A job scheduling package installed in May 1989 at ACS to control and monitor administrative computing programs. This office maintains a comprehensive computer name and address file of university departments, personnel and associates which includes faculty, students, staff, parents, alumni and friends of WSU.