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Pentecostal rules of dating

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It could be expected or unexpected, during public or private prayer.Pentecostals expect certain results following baptism with the Holy Spirit.

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The main purpose of the experience is to grant power for Christian service.In 1900, Charles Parham, an American evangelist and faith healer, began teaching that speaking in tongues was the Bible evidence of Spirit baptism.The three-year-long Azusa Street Revival, founded and led by William J.However, Pentecostals do believe that the biblical pattern is "repentance, regeneration, water baptism, and then the baptism with the Holy Ghost".There are Pentecostal believers who have claimed to receive their baptism with the Holy Spirit while being water baptized.It is distinguished by belief in the baptism in the Holy Spirit that enables a Christian to live a Spirit-filled and empowered life.

This empowerment includes the use of spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and divine healing—two other defining characteristics of Pentecostalism.

Other purposes include power for spiritual warfare (the Christian struggles against spiritual enemies and thus requires spiritual power), power for overflow (the believer's experience of the presence and power of God in his or her life flows out into the lives of others), and power for ability (to follow divine direction, to face persecution, to exercise spiritual gifts for the edification of the church, etc.).

Repentance from sin and being born again are fundamental requirements to receive it.

Some of these are immediate while others are enduring or permanent.

Most Pentecostal denominations teach that speaking in tongues is an immediate or initial physical evidence that one has received the experience.

There must also be in the believer a deep conviction of needing more of God in his or her life, and a measure of consecration by which the believer yields himself or herself to the will of God.