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The script is really beautiful wherein I liked the concept of bringing two different individuals-a young and middle aged-together. But simultaneously the concept itself is different wherein Sanjeevani was about a hospital and Kuch To Log Kahenge is about two individuals. He is personally obsessive about his relations unlike Dr. How do you manage television and Bollywood simultaneously?I like the process of falling in love rather than the fell in love part. They have great creative talent and we have a phenomenal director Mandar Devasthali for the show. How would you differentiate your character in this show from Dr. Shashank Gupta was a straight forward person wherein he had no complexes and no psychological concerns. As I said earlier I do not do that much of television and I have to dedicate my half a month for the show. If you have the will to work you will carry both well.

And I was forced to, for the first time, to search the net for a download.Thank you Rekha Bharadwaj for you two mujra pieces and thank you Anurag Kashyap to continue being the non-conformist you have always been.Ever since Black Friday and the quirky music of Dev D (“) I have expected a lot from you movies and the music of your movies.The psychological insecurity of the man as the girl is very young and is portrayed beautifully in the show. In the context of television what is the one thing that makes you say 'yes' for a show? If my role has something pivotal to offer in the show then I will definitely do it.Have you seen the show Dhoop Kinare from which the show is inspired? In fact, I was not aware that the show was adapted from Dhoop Kinare and I do not think I will watch the show because there is always a tendency to get influenced by the parent show and its characters. Kritika is a very fine actress and it is a tough role to carry. Alok Nath and you have been associated for a long time wherein you have worked as a father and son earlier. Yes we had worked with Rajshri and apart from that we have been associated with various other projects. This is the first time you are working with Rajan Shahi and Director's Kut. Unfortunately in television scripts change after a period of time on demand of the TRPs.If I have to choose one, then I would say acting because there are so many characters to portray.

There are a lot of limitations in hosting and we have to create fictitious time and emotions.

And I do not think Ram's character in the show is as old as mine.

Also in Bade Acche the couple gets married and then love is grown whereas in Kuch Toh love is first grown. Television has grown tremendously in the last ten years and I do not like it.

There had been only quite a few shows on television.

Script is of prime importance in any project and it is of superior importance to me.

There has to be a motivation in the script to agree for the show and I felt the creative motivation.