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The world of The Rats is not a place for niceties – it’s all about competition! And in The Rats you’ll need quite a lot of this smelly gold – to feed your own rodent army and to over-feed your opponents’ rats and collect their souls.A certain number of your enemies’ souls will earn you a new rat to train.

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Without you, the world of The Rats would go down in chaos.In The Rats, all this will earn you sweet bonus items!In this free-to-play browser game determination and courage are more important than pure luck.In this free-to-play browser game you can even crossbreed rats to combine their skills and create super-rats!The Rats also features a ranking system that lists players according to their points and power level. This free-to-play browser game is filled to the brim with gifts and surprises for you to collect and use against your opponents.To secure your very own piece of cheese you have to show your rats in this free-to-play browser game how to raid the neighborhood and create secret cheese stashes..

The brand new browser game The Rats stands out with its unique gameplay – which you can enjoy completely for free!

He said this while addressing members of the senate at their resumed session today September 29th.

Here Boko Haram members and their families openly gathered in an open field (Sambisa Forest) to celebrate Sallah, last Thursday.

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They filmed the whole thing and released the've seen the photos, now watch the video IT is certain that the list of ministers is ready, and President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that the prized document should be submitted immediately to the Senate, which resumes from its six-week break, today.