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Nikki reed and rob dating

The last thing Twigs wants is a Twilight reunion on her wedding day to remind her of Robert’s ex K-Stew.Twigs banning Nikki Reed from her wedding could actually be much deeper than her overall hate for Twilight.

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Interestingly, Kristen and Nikki both also attended the Women In Hollywood gala on Oct.I’m going to ask him if he can get an autograph for me. You would think that she and Rob’s new fiancée would be BFFs.But FKA Twigs is super insecure when it comes to Robert and Kristen Stewart, and the legions of Twilight fans that want the two actors to get back together.Do you think Twigs is being ridiculous by banning Nikki Reed from her wedding and not letting Robert Pattinson invite her?Or does she have every reason to want an anti-Twilight wedding?Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson were actually linked together romantically several years ago, and his former hook-ups with Reed are, according to Star Magazine, the reason that Nikki and Kristen Stewart had a huge falling out back in 2011.

Who would want someone that used to hook up with you husband at your wedding?

The ladies aren’t all smiles in the shot or anything, but it’s still a pretty big deal that they played nice for a photo opp.

Kristen actually attended the show with her new girlfriend, St.

Sadly, they split up just a week before the movie premiered, making for rather awkward interactions on the red carpet. Nikki in 2007, way before she married her husband Ian Somerhalder, and Ashley later in 2013.

Later, Taylor went on to work with Jamie Campbell Bower on Twilight, who began dating Lily soon after.

If Nikki Reed and Rob did hook up in the past – is that why FKA Twigs secretly hates his former co-star?