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The second is a series of anomalies discovered in the quality assurance documentation of components manufactured at Creusot Forge.Carbon segregation occurs naturally during the casting of steel ingots.

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It is marketed as a competitor for freesheets or, as the publishers claimed at the launch, it is "a newspaper for people who don't read paid newspapers." It costs one euro and ten cents, less than other paid newspapers.Attachment A lists components with forgings from Creusot Forge supplied to 17 U. reactors at 13 sites, directly by AREVA or through third-party vendors. Here is an update: There are two separate, but related, issues to the investigation in France.The components are mostly replacement reactor vessel heads, replacement steam generator components or pressurizers. The first is called “carbon segregation,” a condition that in certain circumstances could create local areas of reduced toughness in large forged components of nuclear plants.Dominion Virginia is part of Dominion Resources Inc.Regulators said inspectors found that a gasket failure prevented one of the diesel generators at North Anna from performing its function following the August earthquake. (AP) — Federal regulators have scheduled meetings with Dominion Virginia Power to discuss apparent violations at its two nuclear power stations.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Wednesday it has scheduled meetings in Atlanta with company officials next week to discuss the issues at the energy provider's North Anna and Surry nuclear power stations.

After disappointing sales it was withdrawn from circulation after just 7 months.

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) is a Dutch daily newspaper published in the Netherlands by NRC Media. nrc•next is a morning edition tabloid, and its primary target group are young higher educated people. The newspaper aims at young, well-educated (HBO or University) readers in the 25-34 age group, most of whom currently do not read a newspaper, or only the free tabloids Metro and Spits.

Secondarily, nrc•next aims at the 20-39 age group.nrc•next cooperates closely with the evening newspaper NRC Handelsblad, but has its own independent editors.

The information released today ML17009a275 was provided to the NRC on Dec.