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Need a break from dating

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If you agree to "taking a break" time, you might as well just cut off a big piece of someone-else-to-sleep-with and spoon feed it to your partner!

Ever been in a relationship where you’re in love with your partner but just can’t see through the haze of frustrations?The time to practice that balance is now, not later. You may feel you need to call off the dogs because you’re just too damn tired. Those first ones require a particular brand of energy, and you want to be fresh for those. As a result, she was able to be open and engage with other people without a white-knuckled need for This to Be the One. When you care for yourself and focus on your life while you stay engaged and open to the people around you, connection becomes an option and a joy.It’s the difference between looking for someone to save you from your life—and looking for someone to share it with. You take a break from cleaning the gutters on a 90-degree day.How does it feel to connect with other people, to flirt with them and enjoy their company, regardless of what may follow?Your problem is you believe you’re either “dating” or you’re “not dating.” But that’s not how life works. And if you want to be open to it, wherever you may find it, there’s no reason to hang up a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign. Closing your eyes to what you really want is the worst idea ever.The two kinds of breaks in a relationship There are two kinds of breaks in love, one that’s good and one that does more harm than good. Are you genuinely interested in your lover and want to hold the relationship together?

If you’re taking some time away to calm down and sort the confusions in your head, it’s a good break to take. Are you taking a break from the relationship to get away from your partner for a while because you can’t stand them anymore?

After all, being left hanging in emotional limbo is not fun, especially since the desire to see other people is seldom reciprocated by the other partner in the relationship. (Newsflash: this means you've now been demoted to a booty call.)• How long is this break for? However you set up the terms of your break, this scenario is not a good situation to fall into.

So, why one partner pull the "let's take a break" card? You are temporarily put on hold so your partner can see if they can find someone better than you.

Do you feel happier being alone than together with your partner?

Your relationship may already be falling apart and you may be looking for a weak excuse to end the relationship.

Here are the main reasons: • He's easing into a full-time breakup.• He's using it as a threat to get something more out of the relationship that he's not receiving.• It allows more free time, nights out with friends or separate vacations.• It stalls the marriage discussion.• He's trying to keep you interested by being evasive and playing hard to get.• It gives him more control. There is a chance that they may “settle for you” if nothing comes along but will you ever feel good about that? If a relationship is right, it really isn’t that much work.