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Most tempting phone calls telugu wap net

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However, use common sense when making and receiving calls, especially long distance ones.

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It is understandable that a friend or family member would need to get in touch with you in the event of an emergency or for a number of reasons.While it is tempting, don’t allow your cell phone to take over your workday.Yes, you can make calls at any time without raising your boss’s phone bills.For the most part, leave your personal, home matters at home.About Andrew Jensen Andrew Jensen, a business growth, efficiency & marketing consultant, provides business advisory services for clients in the Baltimore; Washington, D.Many businesses are billed for each and every phone call that is made and received.

While some employees feel it necessary to call their mom long distance several times a day, it is considered disruptive and costly to the employer.

While there are some instances when you do need to text or call, there are several times when your phone should be turned off or on vibrate.

These include: * when interacting with a customer * when offering customer service over the phone * during a meeting * when working with the public There is nothing more annoying to a customer then having their order rung up by a cashier discussing their weekend plans on the company phone.

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