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Witness dancers moving and breathing, their bodies and souls bared as they explore and respond to one of art’s greatest subjects - the unclothed human body.

At one of my local Army surplus stores I managed to find and Olive Drab canvas one that was about the same shape. And sewed some of the top parts to my Stabo harness. The harness that I bought is no longer online, though.Naked Snake wears lots of different camouflage throughout metal gear solid 3.For my costume I went with the Vietnam era Tigerstripe (Shirt, Pants).Kind of like when you see people cut pages of books so they can fit something into it.Now, what do we do with the 3 pieces of foam that don't have the cutout for the existing switcher?All these nude women are here to please you with there nude pussy.

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On mine I had to re-sew the seams because they started to come undone at the edges.

For the actual throat microphone, I just got one similar to this. The switch box probably isn't going to look anything like Snake's so I'll go into creating that below. When it came the push to talk(ptt)/vox switch box was way too small for the one that snake had so I had to make a housing for it, ideally without destroying the mic. The color doesnt really matter because you'll be painting over it anyway.

After the whole assembly was done I used white and black acrylic paint to make it look like Snake's PPT/Vox box. to attach it to my harness I used velcro with an adhesive back and sewed the other side to the harness shoulder. They are really good quality, I wear mine pretty often day to day. Functionality wise, they are very convenient and you can pack all sorts of crap in there.

Starting at the front center of the belt moving right in order. If you want to be really accurate you can make a stencil that says "U. Was trying to update the ammo pouch link, and I cant seem to find anywhere that has these pouches that doesn't look shady as hell. In Metal Gear Solid 3 Naked snake is wearing a Stabo harness. To accomplish this you'll need to buy an old parachute harness.

Witness six dancers moving and breathing, their bodies and souls bared as they explore and respond to one of art’s greatest subjects, the unclothed human body.