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Registering property is more time-consuming in Kuwait than in other regional countries (DB 2016).

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Dealing with tax payments in Kuwait is less time-consuming and less costly than the regional average (DB 2016).Despite the aforementionned, all judicial officials reportedly underwent corruption and transparency obligations training in 2014 (HRR 2015).Companies perceive the efficiency of the legal framework to settle disputes and to challenge government regulations to be rather poor (GCR 2015-2016).The public administration lacks professionalism and is understaffed (BTI 2016).Indeed, businesses rank inefficient government bureaucracy as the most problematic factor to doing business in Kuwait (GCR 2015-2016).Informal monopolies and oligopolies exist, and connections between the administration and private companies have resulted in uneven market competition.

Kuwaiti law criminalises abuse of office, extortion, money laundering and active and passive bribery, among other corruption offences, but not the bribery of foreign officials.

Bribes and irregular payments are sometimes exchanged in return for favorable court decisions (GCR 2015-2016).

In one instance, the Kuwaiti opposition published files documenting the transfer of GBP millions by Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti prime minister, into the accounts of high-ranking judicial figures (, June 2014).

Bribery occurs rarely in meetings with tax officials (GCR 2015-2016).

The government disregards taxation as a source of revenue, and the tax burden remains low (BTI 2014).

Corruption is most likely to occur when a party involved in a dispute has personal connections to the police officer assigned to the case (Authorities have effective mechanisms to investigate and punish abuse among officers, however, these were not applied and the police engaged in abuse with impunity (HRR 2015).