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Krylova scammer

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Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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She keeps asking money for visa and airfare to visit you. First reported: Address: Yoshkar-Ola 424000, Sovetskaya Street 153, Russia Details: She fell in love very fast and wrote nearly all the time about love and devotion, didnt answer questions about personal life and circumstances. Novosibirsk, Russia with a name Olga Semyonova on the E-mail addresses: [email protected] She is ok looking but her Hijab makes her really attractive and most beautiful women you ever met .She seemed very straight forward if a little shy, at first. would need to be paid in cash, sent to the same address as the visa money or else the reservation could not be guaranteed. Cheboksary 428000, Charles-Marx's Street 56-92 or 66-92. What got me was her exploitation of Muslim religion, knowing that even if we suspected, which I believe we all did , we will still ignore that suspicion considering that she was a strict Hijabi and practicing Muslim Girl .Over a month's period, she used a very subtle approach to start the online relationship...believable, with a combination of claimed morality, and dedication..included details of her girlfriend Svetlana's birthing experience and related stories of her parents' present day lives back in the Ukraine. Asked for passport, visa, and insurance money to the tune of $220 U. D., which I sent to this address: VNESHTORGBANK LIBKNEKHTA 2 CHELYABINSK 454092 The next day, she sent an email with details of a flight from Moscow to my home state, complete with departure, lay-over, and arrival times...the ticket for $1074 U. At this point, I finally realized I had been taken. In tons of Pics sent including the ones sent from her daily chores never showed her without Hijab .her ex-boyfriend was not informed of my relationship with her.when I contacted him and let him know about us he had threatened me but later understood me very well.This is the alphabetical listing of Russian scammers and Russian agencies involved in Russian dating fraud or Russian scam.

The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos.

First reported: Tim Ventura So far 2 different sets of pictures were used under this name Details: She contacted me and apparently fell in love immediately, she would avoid some questions and of course had no phone. Helped her buy a ticket, sent her $800 thru western union but then she needed $1000 to exit the country.

First reported: King Details: She contacted me through a personal at American I discovered the same emails posted at blackpage272.htm#marina before I sent any money.

very beautiful appears to be very forthcoming with information about herself.

wants to travel to USA Canada or England and claims to want a tour guide and to meet a good quite warm and funny but is previously blacklisted.

You may be requested to send money on the name of the girl of your interest or one of the "managers". She is writing now to XXX from Australia and asking XXX to send her money through the Western Union [email protected] She write to XXX from Greece Details: I have been scammed by this evil woman for $4900. First reported: Manny Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. She wants to marry you and want to move to USA to live with you. First reported: Steve Email: [email protected]: Marina Seranova, Lenina str.30,apt.15, Severodvinsk,164500, Russia; Marina Seranova, Dalnevostochnyi ave., 42/2, PO Box 101, S.-Petersburg 193230 Russia Details: Typical visa/airfare scam First reported: S. Details: I was scammed and I knew right from the moment get go.