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Keri hilson and columbus short dating

He also added that "it sometimes seems as if it were not a man at all she wants to boss around but Rihanna." Andy Kellman of Allmusic called "The Way You Love Me" the most emblematic track on No Boys Allowed. of UR Chicago called "The Way You Love Me" an undeniable standout on the record thanks to its "serious bass to rattle your trunk, some tweaked out synth stabs, and Hilson's bad bitch attitude." By contrast, Eric Henderson of Slant Magazine said that it seems that Hilson has begun trusting her ability "to thrust her hips toward recoiling cameras more than she believes in the power of her vocal track." The unedited version of "The Way You Love Me" received very negative reception from music critics.

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You can't have a song talking about what it's talking about and not show a little more. Even though it's gotten crazy, crazy, crazy bad reviews, it's also gotten some great reviews from women who respect it and women who did feel empowered by it. If I'm in a room and I'm writing from a girl's perspective, I may be a small percentage of a freak, but I am a freak! If you're being real with yourself—I'm not talking about giving it to everybody—I'm in a relationship and I'm saying look, tonight, I don't want to caress. Hilson later told Jocelyn Vena of MTV News that she was indeed a little bit surprised by the reaction she was getting concerning "The Way You Love Me".Several of them also chose it as a stand-out track from No Boys Allowed.The song's accompanying music video was created as a mini-movie, and was directed by Laurie Ann Gibson.Now in its second season, this year’s competition will see Niger join Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia as the newest African territory to enter the competition.To participate, contestants will need to call in a short code number with their mobile phones, record their songs to stand a chance to become the next big music star in Africa. Talbert (Baggage Claim) and producer Will Packer (Ride Along, Think Like a Man series, This Christmas), Almost Christmas tells the festive story of a beloved patriarch who asks his family for one gift this holiday season: to get along.Ross told Jason Rodriguez of MTV News: "When I got the record, I most definitely knew she was going to another level and I was excited for [Hilson]. So if that's the feeling that young people [are getting] or whoever is feeling the music, if that's the inspiration they get, I think it's dope." According to the staff members of Idolator, the beat in the background is augmented by hand-claps similar to that of "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" (2008) by Beyoncé Knowles, most noticeable toward the end. I'm not talking about being a slut and a whore." As stated by Scott Shetler of AOL Radio and Matthew Horton of BBC, the song features an aggressive tone, and dizzying percussion and electro elements create a "frenzied pace that Hilson matches with an intense vocal delivery." As the song progresses, Hilson sings that she is "so good, I'll make you think the bed is my workplace [...] Yeah, it's me, that's where you wanna be / I got the kind of pussy that'll keep you out the streets" just before Ross's verse begins, seemingly summing up the image Hilson is going for: "She looks like an angel, but she's sexy as hell." The clean version of "The Way You Love Me" garnered generally positive reviews from music critics who noted the effective melding of the intense vocal delivery of Hilson with the rapid pace and banging beat of the song.

She further said the sentiment reflected in the song is "exactly what her girls are apt to shout behind closed doors" and that the lyrics are meant to reflect a woman's many moods and shifting desires: "I write from a female perspective, but I'm also telling men what women are really thinking and feeling about them. Caroline Sullivan of The Guardian said that all the five songs Hilson penned for No Boys Allowed, with the exception of the "frantic electronic firework 'The Way You Love Me', are too featureless to make an impression." Ben Hatliff of The New York Times commented that Hilson "gets a certain energy out of bossiness" on "The Way You Love Me" which according to him, goes far for a mainstream female singer in its boasting and sexual hunger.

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"The Way You Love Me" is a song recorded by American R&B singer-songwriter Keri Hilson featuring rapper Rick Ross from the former's second studio album No Boys Allowed (2010).

It was written by Stanley Benton, India Boodram, Paul Dawson, Hilson, Kesia Hollins, Jazmyn Michel as well as William Roberts, and was produced by Polow da Don.

"The Way You Love Me" surfaced online on November 7, 2010; its explicit lyrics fueled controversy, with music critics accusing the singer of swerving into a racy lane.