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Kathryn morris dating

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“I was always very driven and clear about who I was and where I was going,” she recalls. There were times when I outgrew somebody.” And she believes that part of her generation’s gender struggle is in the timing: “Men in our generation are going through this period where they are in their late thirties and they think that their whole life is over: ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna have to just settle down with a supermodel.’ Suddenly they become Picket-Fence Guy, just like that.“All my buddies tell me it’s not about the right woman, it’s about the right timing. Men think that their lives are over [when they get married], but women are pretty fantastic right now. They’re pretty independent.” With her show taking off, and with (“I grew up with aluminum siding on my house; he grew up with aluminum siding on his house”) to come home to, Morris’s biggest challenge may be one a lot of independent women can relate to: simply finding the time to get married.

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