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Junhyung and hara dating scandal

junhyung and hara dating scandal-87

Supposedly, DSP did not want KARA on the show because they knew they dating scandal would have been brought up, but the PD for Radio Star begged DSP and promised that they won’t bring it up.

Kyuhyun slut-shamed Hara- Kyuhyun did not slut-shame Hara.One last thing is that Radio Star is a great program to clear your scandals, some celebrities who have scandals will choose Radio Star because it’s the best place to explain yourself. Everything is based off of misinterpretations and misunderstands on BOTH international/Korean netizens and I hope everyone takes a second to watch this episode, watch different episodes of Radio Star to get the feel for the show and then form your OWN opinion.Hara also hilariously took the time to apologize to elementary school fans after being told that they had been causing a ruckus upon hearing confirmation that Junhyung and Hara were indeed dating.After that episode, I started to notice there were two kinds of guests on that shows.Those who fight back with the MCs, and those who laugh it off, keep their composure, and try to explain even when the MCs get a bit pushy.The term that he used was “dating-dol” or “dating-idol” what people need to understand about this term is that he is not saying that Hara gets around or that she is a slut.

On the show (an various other variety shows) putting ‘something-idol’ is seen as a nickname or something that describe something an idol did. Adult-idol can mean many things but it’s referring to their age.

PDs/Scriptwriters choose the direction of the topic.

I think that Hara/Kyuhyun were used to promote the show/episode. KARA does not deserve the hate they are getting, and I hope it will die-down soon.

As if Kyuhyun actually directs most of the topic now that Kim Gura is back.

I just read this morning (from this thread) from a K-Inspirit/Kamilia who talked about this issue and had a friend who was a staff member at Radio Star.

hara had been in a committed relationship for three entire years with beast’s junhyung, and in january of this year, they broke up.