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Jojo levesque dating

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But while eating spicy Ethiopian doro wat with our hands at a dimly lit restaurant in New York's Hell's Kitchen last month, we laughed at the fact that — back in 2004 — neither of us had any idea that one day we'd both be able to say we had actually "kicked a motherfucker out of the house." Yes, during a September interview over lunch ahead of her new album , out October 14, Jo Jo and I got to talking about fuckboys. Since the release of her chart-topping sophomore studio album 10 years ago, the singer has released a handful of popular EPs, mixtapes, and singles, including 2011's "Disaster" and a cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" that quickly went viral.But before we get to the juicy stuff, let's start with what's most important thing: Jo Jo is back, y'all. But a years-long legal battle with her original record label, Blackground Records, is the reason you haven't heard new Jo Jo music on the radio since about 2006.

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As you say, it’s been a full decade now since you released . I feel sexy with clothes on, in front of you, you know?By the time that most artists release a first album, they have waited a lifetime to share their music with the world.For former teen pop star Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque, it has taken nearly half her life to release her third, thanks to a battle with her previous label, Blackground Records, over a contract that prevented her from selling her own music."But for a while it was like an unhealthy closeness because we came up so poor and suddenly embarked on this crazy journey together — and she was both my mom my manager." It took separating — both in business and in her personal life — for the pair to eventually make their relationship work. But finally getting her freedom and signing a new record deal with Atlantic Records didn't mean making a new album was easy.The artist had been creating music for , but for legal reasons, Jo Jo couldn't use any of her previously recorded music on her new project. "But thankfully, life continues on and is always giving you inspiration if you keep your eyes open." Unfortunately for Jo Jo, life went in a unexpected direction when her father passed away at age 60.Despite the odd mixtape and free release in the intervening years, fans’ thirst for a comeback proper was finally quenched last autumn with the simultaneous release of three new singles, or ‘tringle’, before a world tour which saw Jo Jo playing in front of UK audiences for the first time since 2007. You know, it had been my identity since I was 6 years old, and the fact that the contract I signed at 12 could take that identity away from me because the label wasn’t distributing [my music] anymore, it was just so unbelievable. But I don’t live my life feeling resentful, I have let that weight go and I really focus on what I can control and the positive things. Just from the audiences at your shows you can tell your gay fans have really stuck by you over the last few years. And also just be the confidence and the fabulousness that particularly gay men have taught me in my circle. From hairdressers to make-up artists, some of the closest people to me have been gay and lesbian and made a huge impact on my life.

With recent news that she’ll be back on a British stage at V Festival this summer we thought it the perfect time to catch up with the resurgent star, who tells us what we can expect from her eagerly-anticipated third studio album (coming this year), why two gay fans provided her with one of the most unforgettable moments of her recent tour, and why, this time, she’s doing it all for herself… I’m particularly inspired by my gay fans because of the adversity that a lot of them have faced and the courage that it takes to be yourself and the courage that it takes to love who you love. It struck me that you’re kind of a rarity for a former teen pop star in that you’ve never gone through a phase of stripping off or overtly sexing up your image to shed that old teen star identity. It’s really more that, I just want to do what’s comfortable for me.

It had been 10 since a 12-year-old Jo Jo had been signed."I cried deep sobs when I won the lawsuit, because I’d been told all those years that I should go do something else," Jo Jo, whose given name is Joanna Levesque, says.

"People would tell me ‘You’re a smart girl, why don’t you just go to college? This is what I’ve been doing since I was a little girl — I can’t just give up because of these jerks.

For her, there was to be no Rihanna-esque ascention from promising teen star to bona fide pop princess.

The 25-year-old’s crippling legal battle against a label which simultaneously refused to let her release her new music or let her out of her seven album contract (for fear of letting anyone else reap the benefits of such an undeniable talent) is now well-documented.

"I called my mom and we cried," says Jo Jo, now 25, who immediately signed with Atlantic Records to record .