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Intimidating team chants

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--------------------------------------------------I know more but I forget them! but if you catch me mid-season I'll know a TON(SOFTLY)Person 1: Allright allright allright. Kick 'em high, Kick 'em low, Kick 'em in the uh-oh! this is all i can remember since its bang choo choo trainwind us up and we'll do our thangno reese's pieces or peanutbutter cupmess with us and we'll kick your butt! because we're number one, we cant be beat, we'll knock the socks right off your feet. I hope that these can help, when softball season starts I will be able to post more.

Others are a flaccid waste of time that make the human experience just a little bit worse. --------------------------------------------------_____ is her #! Go fight, win tonight, boogie down, alright, alright! More than 66,800 fans clapped and shouted in unison as the tempo got faster and faster.Reykjavik-based soccer team Stjarnan made a European tournament run in 2014 that took them to Motherwell’s Fir Park in North Lanarkshire, bring them in contact with the “Motherwell Bois” trademark chant.In war, in peace, and in completely inconsequential stuff like sports, we always need to be heard.

But here’s the thing - not all sports chants are created equal.

"Awe access" (hit the floor) "Denied" ( when you say denied, raise your hands over your head so they can be seen) After a successful block, the person who got it says "BRICK" and the rest of the team goes "WALL". Bump, Set, Hit, Spike That's the way we like to fight! We Will, We Will, Rock you down, Shake you up, Like a volcano about to erupt, Mighty mighty (team name) here to stay, We'll rock you all night, and rock you all day! For an encouraging cheer and to pump up your team, go..

I need some really good cheers and chants for my softball team while were in the dugout or on the filed to say...n e help would be greatly appreciated!!!! ~~that next person says it & it keeps going PERSON #1:"i see a hole out there"everyone else:"i see a hole out there"PERSON #1:"i see an h-o-l-e hole out there"everyone else:" i see an h-o-l-e hole out there"PERSON #1:"so hit the ball out there"everyone else:"so hit the ball out there"PERSON #1:"so we can WIN the game"everyone else:"so we can WIN the game"PERSON #1:"so we can w-i-n yes WIN the game"everyone else:"so we can w-i-n yes WIN the game"everyone:"we want a single.a little single..s-i-n..g-l-e single single single !

“Because Motherwell fans performed the chant, Stjarnan fans took it up,” Kristinn Hallur Jonsson, treasurer of an Icelandic supporters’ group known as Tolfan, told The Guardian.

“They passed it on to Tolfan, and it was used throughout Iceland’s successful Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.” And now, it’s in Minnesota.

--------------------------------------------------Team Repeats After You A little birdy in a tree!