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Currently, more than half of our clients have tik as their primary drug of abuse.It's been an incredibly rapid increase over a very short space of time. Some of it is generational in that every generation has new music, dress sense and so on, and they also like new drugs.

We rate it very highly addictive, higher than alcohol, dagga (cannabis), mandrax et cetera.The Sandy Bay beach area comprises a number of beaches inter-spaced with large granite slabs. ) humpback whale got itself stranded on the beach, and the beach was closed - authorities decided to euthanise/kill the whale (no mention was made of the method used).Sandy Bay is one of Cape Town's most inacessible beaches.Situated just south of Llandudno (in Cape Town) it is known for its beautiful white sandy beach, naked sunbathing and surf (when sea swells are large there is a great beach break).As a backdrop there are the jagged peaks of the Twelve Apostles mountain range.The 27-year-old said her attacker had approached her earlier on the walking trail and asked if he could walk with her.

"I said no and he disappeared but he must have been following me." She was later examined and put on anti-retrovirals.

There is absolutely no doubt that the increase in the use of tik has been an epidemic.

Four years ago, less than one per cent of our clients used tik.

The impact of the drug depends on its interaction with the person using it.

You generally see adolescents using tik, and adolescence is a time of great change, insecurity and lack of confidence.

A negative of Sandy Bay are the perverts who go to sit up in the vegetation with one hand holding a pair of binoculars and the other used for masturbating. The suspect had allegedly abducted the 13-year-old from her home town of Atlantis.