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During his marching, Timur invested Fatehabad which was captured without any opposition from the inhabitants.Lastly, the invader reached Tohana but he could not set- up his permanent rule over the area. The areas of Fatehabad came under the control of Mughals-Babar and Humayun.

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By 1760, the areas became the scene of a sort of triangular duel between the sturdy Sikhs of north-east, marauding Bhattis of north-west and the Muslim chiefs of the south.There is a small and beautiful mosque known as Humanyun mosque at Fatehabad.The legend assigns the association of the mosque to the Mughal Emperor Humanyun who in his flight after his defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri happened to pass through Fatehabad.Name : Age : Profession : Status(Single/Married) : Your body type- Height : Weight : Colour : Body type(Slim/Fat/Average) : About Yourself- You are available @ (Day/Night/Day & Night) : You are ready to go to (Hotels/Homes/Apartments/All) : Are you ready to travel with our clients (Yes/No) : Are you comfortable with NRI's (Yes/No) : Do you have any previous experience (Yes/No) : You would like to get Registered for (15days - 2500rp,1month-5000rp,2months-6500rp,5 Months-8500rp) : Registration amount (check out the amount of your choise pack): Your City: big city near you: big five star hotel near you: big known area near you: Your State: Your contact Number : Attach Your photo:(if you want to see the clients) the registration amount of variyable pack is send by us in other mail..check out it first if you are not able to pay that amount for registration then you cant join us...;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; EMAIL;;;;;;;;;;; [ 3 ];;;;;;; respected sir, if you will join us we will give u contract to four or five star hotel or customers home.private are ready to go than tell will send you some aarea address to you and then you have to tell us only one area where you can comfortably will give you first deal on next day after you register.... privacy is over main goal..keep ur idendity hidden...after ur registration we will give you one proof code.u have to go and see that proof code that client for safety..

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None of them could, however, hold the region permanently except for the Bhattis who became the masters of Fatehabad pargana.

In 1774, Maharaja Amar Singh of Patiala along with his famous minister Dewan Nanumal laid seize to the stronghold of Bighar near Fatehabad which fell shortly afterwards.

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