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Heidi androl and george stults dating

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George: "I'm pretty much the same way I was before the show, I just have a little more money.My brother and I still live in the same craphole apartment because we're too lazy to move.

My brother was away visiting back in Colorado and I went out to visit my friend in Hollywood.George: "[laughs] After going through what we did last season, I really have no idea, but if I were to take a good guess, I'd say that as long as the actors who have been on all 11 seasons do it...the actors they really need to have a show are Stephen Collins, Beverly Mitchell and Beverly Hicks, they need them no matter what, but I think if they have them, there will be a twelfth season.No matter who comes and goes on the show, they still have really good ratings."Q: Do you have any projects coming up?George: "I had recently transferred from where I was going to school, the University of Southern Colorado, to Whittier College in Whittier, California where my best friend, my brother (same person) was going to school, playing football.So, after four years at Colorado, I transferred to be nearer to him and I knew I needed a change because I didn't know what I was going to do after school.The one lady who worked for the theatrical agency told the other to jump out and hand me one of her cards.

So, she did and I was like, ' Whoa, interesting, there must be some progressive older women out here.' She told me to call if I was interested and left.

My brother and I are in the process of buying a house - well, we're trying to agree on an area to buy the house."Q: Why do you think shows from the WB/CW continually get snubbed at Emmy time? It's so difficult to get a show up and running. If you think about all the super-popular shows like Seinfeld and Friends and you see the first episodes, they're not good.

The chemistry's not there with the actors yet, the writing is awful.

I showed the card to my friend and she said she had never heard of them, but would find out about them when she went back to work.

When my brother got back in town, I told him the story and he said, ' Dude, you've got to call...for me!

The character was supposed to peer pressure Simon into drinking and doing stuff he wasn't supposed to do.