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[This book] more than lives up to the excellence of the other two in the series." TRULY GRIM TALES: Horn Book, January-February1996, Starred Review marks an "outstanding" book."[These are] tales retold with twists more ironic than grim.

Contacting us is not a substitute for professional medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor/provider-patient relationship.'The Prince' chases after glass-slippered Cinderella because he has a foot fetish; 'The Woodcutter's Wife' denies any intent to eat Hansel and Gretel--she just wants to keep them around as sources of blood for potions and lab experiments.In a distinctive, formal narration, Galloway disguises each story of her first collection, and expects readers to know the traditional versions well enough to fill in details of plot and character.Weddings are not just a Saturday afternoon event any longer.There are many elements that come together to make up your special day.The ending to this story is so tragic that it reverses the traditional self/other construction we generally bring to these stories, and makes us seriously question the old 'happily-ever-after' convention. Not only does she make Greek myths accessible to a new generation of readers but she also brings out new themes in these old tales that deserve our attention." Jeffrey Canton, Canadian School Library Journal, 1996 "Atalanta and Aleta have it all--exciting stories that combine adventure, passion, treachery, and love. She has written new branches to tales rooted in the ancient past.

Aleta and the Queen is a dynamic introduction to this exciting series.

RED CEDAR BOOK AWARD: Daedalus and the Minotaur, Finalist, 1999-2000 Click here for more details Too Young To Fight On National Post Best Sellers Lists September 9, 1999 - October 28, 1999 NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY EXHIBITION OF BOOKS FOR THE TEEN AGE 1999 (70th annual exhibition) Snake Dreamer, 1999 Mr. "Eight famous traditional folktales are retold from a startlingly oblique and mind-bending point of view.

Christie's Book Awards: Daedalus and the Minotaur: Finalist Canadian Library Association Young Adult Book Award: Truly Grim Tales, Finalist 1996 American Library Association Selection, Quick Picks for Young Adults: Truly Grim Tales, 1996 Canadian Children's Book Centre, Our Choice: Snake Dreamer, 1998 Daedalus and the Minotaur, starred selection, 1997 Truly Grim Tales, starred selection, 1996-7 Atalant, The fastest Runner in the World, starred selection, 1996-97 Aleta and the Queen, a Tale of Ancient Greece, starred selection, 1996-7 Good Times, Bad Times, Mummy and Me Teacher of the Year, 1976 Marty Scholarship for Doctoral Study, 1976-7 Our Choice Catalogue, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 1996-7. New interpretations of familiar material may turn the tale into a tragedy or a farce, and villains may be heroes--or at least portrayed as human beings.

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